A sneaky snack at Cornucopia

cornucopia lunch

I was shopping in town for a dress for my good friend Lydia’s up-coming wedding in France in June (found one in Monsoon, go team!) and snuck into Cornucopia on Wicklow Street for a delicious nutritious salad. I got the small plate which is two salads for €4.50.  I went for the Panzanella (looks soggy […]

Surprisingly yum, who would’ve thought?

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New garlic.  Smelly, smelly stuff.  I was watching The River Cottage Springtime with my friend Hugh Fathoughbly-Whottingfigs and I saw him make this soup.  It looked so simple that I figured what they hey, we’ll give it a go. All you need for Hugh Feathably-Witheringstock’s New Garlic Soup from memory by Aoife Mc Four or […]

Tabouleh – kinda.


Oh haiii parsley, mint and bulgar wheat!! That’s it.  The good times are over.  Well, temporarily anyway.  We’ve decided to go on a bit of a loose detox for the next two weeks.  I noticed that the last few posts on the blog have been thoroughly unhealthy and indulgent.  I’m planning on having a Guilty […]


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How lovely. I love spring. If I ever live in a house with a big enough garden, it would be lovely to have one of these fellas in it. This is the cherry blossom tree on Father Matthew’s Square near our flat off Capel Street.  Sure, it’s only gorgeous.  I took that on the way […]

Lunch pour moi


Once again, Aoife Mc’s attempts at food photography fail fairly miserably.  Help Loreana!! I was pottering around the flat this afternoon, listening to music and reading blogs, when I began to feel a bit peckish.  Might have had something to do with the fact that I was perusing this beautiful blog.  Thanks to Catherine for […]

Satu’s Butternut Squash Salad


Look at that.  Green, white and gold.  My Paddy’s Day plans are as follows: on Monday night I’m going to see the hilariously offensive piss-take Limerick hip-hoppers Rubber Bandits in Eamon Doran’s of Dublin.  After that, I’m getting the hell out of dodge.  I don’t like Paddy’s Day that much.  Although I’ve had loads of […]

A genuinely little snack…

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…courtesy of M&S My old flatmate Ben, whom I mentioned in an earlier post, is a severe foodie. It makes sense seeing that his mother is Italian-American and his dad is full on Greek. When we shared a flat together, he always amazed me by creating the most fantastic dishes on a shoestring budget. Not […]

Just a little snack…


It’s quite a big snack actually… I would like to lose a little bit of weight.  Just a little bit.  Myself and niall go out to gigs all the time and we drink beer at these gigs.  Over the last two years, an average two to three gigs a week has led me to develop […]

A lovely lunch with lovely friends

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My old flatmates Anna and Ben are probably the most beautiful couple I know. They will make lovely babies if they get round to it. At the moment they’re house sitting in the above house, which is as lovely on the inside as it is on the outside. Anna and Ben (or Benanna as they’re […]