Ottolenghi Inspired Eggs

Ottolenghi Eggs

Like many other food lovers before me, I fell in love with Jerusalem last year. Thanks to the evocative writing and mouth-watering recipes in Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi’s book dedicated to the food of their home town, I am able to transport my kitchen to this endlessly fascinating part of the world with their cookbook […]

Greedy Granola


As with many January’s that have come before, 2013′s has begun with the optimism and promise of a detox diet. I’ve renounced my double-threat vices of booze and smokes and am laying off the naughtier things in life for a while. With one cup of coffee a day to keep me going, I’m stuffing my […]

Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin Pancakes

I love Halloween. I love the ghouls, the parties, the tricks and the treats. I’m looking forward with giddy abandon to putting my Jack O’Lantern in its place in the front window this evening and covering my hall and front door with black bin bags to create a haunted house effect in preparation for trick […]

Smokey Baked Beans


I love autumn for lots of reasons, but somewhere near the top of the list is the way this season changes our menus. I love the seemingly sudden shift from light salads and meats to earthy mushrooms, stews and soup as the comfort dishes reappear on our tables after their summer hibernation. On a wonderfully […]

I’m Ready For My Close Up, Mr Eggville.

Old kitchen large

The holiday season is a surprisingly brilliant time to move house. It’s the second time myself and Niall have done so, and we couldn’t help but grant ourselves a few smug pats on the back for being so clever. I mean, first of all, people don’t usually look for houses in the lead up to […]

Rosti Fantastico

Potato Rosti

Potato-based cakes and I have a bit of a chequered history. No matter how much advice kindly bestowed upon me by The Daily Spud, my potato cakes never quite stick together. So it was with some trepidation that I approached this recipe for a Potato Rosti Cake. I erred on the side of caution throughout […]

All Day Breakfast

Beetroot Hash

I’ve proclaimed my love for meals that work as breakfast, lunch and dinner on this blog before. When I was a kid, we always had cornflakes at night for supper. I think this might be an Irish thing. None of the other kids on the compound I grew up on in Saudi Arabia had cereal […]

Quick chorizo tortilla

tortilla finished small sliced

Tuesdays blow!  They do.  Most of the people around you are invariably in a foul mood, which multiplies into skirmishes over communal staffroom milk once it meets your own personal Tuesday Funk.  Argh.  I despise Tuesdays. Once again, my culinary chum chorizo has come to my Tuesday Night Dinner Rescue.  I love chorizo because it […]

Three Ways to Eggsellence

egg with chorizo

Poached egg with nutmeg, onion and pinenut spinach Regardless of how arf-tastic my blog post titles become, we remain huge fans of poached eggs in our house of a Saturday and Sunday morning.  Or afternoon, rather. Poached eggs are one of those tricky kitchen knacks that freak people out.  I have never made a successful […]