winter forkfuls

It’s incredible that Christmas has nearly come around again. What a year it’s been.

While I’m not quite ready to sum up the year, I thought you’d like to know that forkful is back with wintery recipes to inspire you through the darker, cozier months.

We kicked off with wild mushroom pizza and shared a grilled pear dessert and are planning on sharing more treats, stews and soups before spring appears again.

I’m hoping to find a little extra time somewhere to tell you about the recipes that have been keeping me busy outside of forkful – I’ve been obsessed with Toonsbridge ricotta this year and have discovered Dove’s Farm yeast which means I’ve been making naan bread, crumpets and even doughnuts for Pete’s sake! It’s been a year of rising. Which has been lovely.

And on that list I should also include pizza dough which I feel like I’ve somewhat mastered (well, familiarised myself with at least) this year. It even kicked off the forkful winter season – you’ll find that video after the jump.

I really love this forkful – especially Daffodil’s cameo! She’s so darned cute.

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  1. Lovely pear movie indeed.
    Very inventive. I love the post production work. It really adds to the mood being developed by the music.

  2. I recognise the saucespan in that video – glad it’s getting some good use!

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