Smitten Kitchen’s Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes from top

I’ve mentioned the amazing NYC-based food blog Smitten Kitchen before on this blog, when I made her outstanding asparagus and pancetta hash.  So good, and a recipe that I’ve made/adapted more than twice since. What makes her blog so special is not only the beautiful photos and the inspiration she provides for all of us […]

Kinvara Organic Smoked Salmon

salmon and potato cakes

Last week, a delightful package arrived at our flat courtesy of Kinvara Smoked Salmon, the award-winning family run business who specialise in organic salmon situated in Galway Bay. I was gifted with the Salmon Multi Buy (35 euro) which includes a 300g pack of Smoked Salmon, a 100g pack of Salmon Gravad Lax and a […]

Snowed-In Sausage and Bean Bake Thingy

bean bread dinner

Oh noes!  It’s SNOWING.  Obviously this means that no one in Ireland will be leaving their houses for the next five days at least. But what will we eat?? Here’s  a brilliantly warming and delicious dinner, the ingredients to which you will probably have lurking around your cupboards.  Failing that, you should be able to […]

Monday/Tuesday Stuffed Pepper Pick Me Up

stuffed pepper up top

Roasted peppers stuffed with cous cous.  It couldn’t be more simple yet more rewarding.  I made this last Tuesday when I  was still feeling the after-effects of a rather joyful weekend.  I needed something light, healthy and perhaps above all, fast. The great thing about this dish is that you can keep it super simple, […]

Courgette Carbonara – kinda.

carbonara mascarpone carbonara

After our yellow feast on Saturday night, I had a beautiful yellow courgette left over from our courgette and parmesan tarts.  I picked up this lovely legume in Fallon and Byrne, and although last month was really the right time to be eating them, they still tasted swell. This afternoon, after a mercifully halfdayMonday, I […]

Batta bing batta bean!

bean bake and salad close

We’re definitely at the end of our transition into Autumn here in Dublin.  The lightish winter coat has come out of the closet and I’m slowly but surely getting reacquainted with my scarf collection.  Which I’m very happy about, indeed. Another thing I’m happy about is the wintery-esque weather gives one the excuse to indulge […]

Cafe Gandolfi: Glasgow

Seamus and Aoife

Seamus MacInnes and I on the first of myself and Niall’s three visits to Cafe Gandolfi in two days.  We just really liked it. As I travel around, I find myself collecting favourite hang out spots, whether they be restaurants, cafes, bars or shops that I love.  Mentally, I’m creating my perfect town which would […]

Butternut Squash Nomness

butternut squash spiced lentils

Here’s a great recipe for a meat-free dinner, lovely for non-veggies and veggies alike, and easily made appropriate for vegans by taking away the Feta Cheese. In fact, this would be even better to eat when squash is in season in Autumn – late September, perhaps?  It’s so delicious  that I wanted to share it […]

Chapter 12 of The Hipster Handbook: Harnessing The Wisdom of The East

daal on table

The deliciously long title of this particular post was created by my buddy @Fensterdj who tweeted it at me last week in reply to my update about going for a consultation at the Ayurveda Centre on Stephen Street in Dublin 2. It’s true.  I do have hipster tendencies – buying glasses from Specsavers Mens Department, […]