Choosing raw?

sprout and guacomole salad

Choosing Raw’s Sprout Salad with Smoky Guacomole as prepared and munched by I Can Has Cook? It’s been quiet around these here parts of late, the reasons for which there are two. 1) I had a little bit of a cold there over the weekend which Niall kindly brought home with him from Oxegen.  So […]

Lentil and Chorizo Salad

salad from side

Lentil, red onion, cherry tomato, chorizo and (paprika dyed) feta cheese salad We had bought some Chorizo for our ‘Baked’ Haddock yesterday, in the knowledge that we would probably get around 3 meals out of the 225g M&S packet.  Which is good, as it set us back nearly €5.00. This Chorizo is made in Spain […]



That blog title is terribly misleading, I apologise.  The Free Stuff I’m referring to was all that lovely gear you see in the pic above and unfortunately I am not doing a snazzy give-away for you, my lovely readers.  Sorry! This was the swag from the Bord Bia Irish Foodie Event a few weeks back.  […]

Feeding a Volcanic Crowd…

rain machine apres dinner

Lamb Lagoto with Roast Lemon Spuds and Veg Couscous Last Thursday night, myself and Niall went to see Rain Machine in The Academy.  During the set, lead singer Kyp Malone (also of TV on the Radio) talked about how the band were going to be stranded in Dublin because of the Volcanic Ash Cloud of […]

Hugh’s Tasty Lunch Treat

lunch close

Tasty lunch to bring in to work – WIN. Not only am I big fan of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage TV programme,  I also enjoy his recipes in The Guardian on Saturday.  Twas he who introduced me to the wonderful world of Arancini, after all. I picked up his River Cottage Every Day cookbook last […]

Amatriciana Pasta Sauce

amatriciana finished

I went on a bit of a food book splurge the other day in Eason’s, picking up a paperback copy of Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Italy, a lovely River Cottage Every Day book and a Greek cookbook (Ben?? Are you living in my mind?!?).  I’m feeling back on the cooking bus and hope to try lots […]

Asparagus and Spud Tart Phwoarness

tart cooked piece

It’s been over a year now since I started this blog, and I’m back where I  started with Asparagus and Jamie At Home! This is the first proper thing I’ve made since returning back from SXSW in Austin, Texas.  My ma cooked for me yesterday (lovely leg of lamb) and we had our friend Ben […]

An Italian Foodie Lunch

spinach on toast too

This delicious, healthy and quick snack – well, it’s a snack to my insatiable appetite  – was found on another lovely Irish food blog and past winner of Best Irish Food Blog, Italian Foodies. Italian Foodies is run by Lors, who owns an Italian Deli La Cucina with her husband in Limerick.  Lors’ blog focuses […]

Beetroot Recovery

finished salad

After an unexpectedly late (and rather too much fun) night mid-week at The State Social in Shebeen Chic, we were in need of some severe health intakes come the weekend. I had picked up some lovely beetroot in the Temple Bar Market last Saturday and it needed eating.  I’d had Lucas Hollweg’s recipe for Beetroot, […]

Mother of Minestrone!

gutter in snow

It’s amazing how snow makes everything look so pretty.  What was once just a dirty old gutter and a wall with the worst graffiti ever are transformed into glistening icicle fuelled wonderments of beauty. Of course, snow makes the commute home less appealing, if at all possible.  We’re having at least one friend stay on […]