Quick chorizo tortilla

tortilla finished small sliced

Tuesdays blow!  They do.  Most of the people around you are invariably in a foul mood, which multiplies into skirmishes over communal staffroom milk once it meets your own personal Tuesday Funk.  Argh.  I despise Tuesdays. Once again, my culinary chum chorizo has come to my Tuesday Night Dinner Rescue.  I love chorizo because it […]

Jamie O’s Trapattoni Sauce!

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Ok.  So it’s not really called Trapattoni sauce.  It’s called Trapani-style rigatoni and it’s a super quick fix beautiful pasta sauce to make your mid-week dinner taste amaze. It’s from Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals, which doesn’t seem to be ageing all that well as a whole cooking concept.  I’m still getting a lot of […]

Don’t believe The Haters, Mushrooms! You’re The Shiz.


Mushrooms.  I totally get why people hate them.  They’re weird and woody, strong and over-powering.  But it is, in fact, those very qualities which endear them to my tastebuds. It’s true that I’ve yet to meet a mushroom soup that didn’t make me feel bleurghsome, but I am, however, a big fan of mushrooms in […]

Broccoli: I’m Sorry I Ever Doubted You.

roasted broccoli pasta

Every week since signing up to Home Organics, we’ve received a lovely big head of broccoli in our fruit and veg bag.  The first two weeks, I was at a loss as to what to do with it, feeling truly uninspired by this most healthy of brassicas. It’s not broccoli’s fault.  It really isn’t.  It’s […]

Crackbird Dublin: The Verdict


And so, the verdict on Crackbird, Dublin’s latest pop-up restaurant on Crane Lane in Temple Bar, brought to us by the good people of Jo’Burger? We came, we saw, we ate – it was AMAZEBALLS. There is an emphasis on sharing and communal eating here, and as our waiter (although waiter almost seems too formal […]

Crackbird Dublin


Image by Crackbird Squeee!  A pop-up restaurant in Dublin!  Crackbird, brought to you by the good folk behind Jo’Burger, will be supplying people with reasonably priced and on-the-slightly-naughty side of food, with an emphasis on fried chicken.  I WANT TO GO TO THERE. Having opened on Monday of this week, reports on Twitter last night […]

I Hear Jerusalem Artichokes A-ringing Da-dinging


What ARE you?! Every Monday is like Christmas since we’ve signed up to Home Organics (sorry for constantly going on about this new service but I can’t help it, it’s just too awesome).  I work evenings so the bag is delivered to our house when I’m out.  Like an excited child who can’t wait ’til […]

Smoked mackerel and toasted cous cous

cous cous and mackerel

I love couscous.  Always have, always will.  It’s such a quick thing to prepare and makes for a great light lunch or dinner. I recently discovered a new way of preparing it, thanks to Home Organics.  Until now, I’ve always just poured boiling stock over a bowl of cous cous and fluffed it with a […]

Nigel Slater’s Chorizo and Kale Soup

chorizo and potato soup

Some of you may know that I recently embarked on a weekly Foodie News column in The Irish Independent’s Weekend magazine on Saturdays.  This not only started 2011 off with a delighted squeal of happiness but it has also allowed me to to work a few hours less at my day job as an EFL teacher. […]

Home Organics

beef hotpot

My two food goals this year are a) to be more creative, more loosy-goosy in the kitchen and not such a recipe slave and b) to endeavour to use more seasonal, local produce and produce less waste. These two goals, it turns out, can actually be achieved alongside each other.  My buddy Aoife from My […]