English Mum’s Chicken Pie

chicken pie finished

Tis the season to eat pies, fa la la laaaa la la la la la! Honestly.  I’ve wanted to eat pie every night this week.  It’s all this cold weather. The wind has been wrapping itself around my face every time I leave the house, like some kind of energy-vampire ill-advised friendship, trying its best […]

Oh man, I love New York!


Oh, man.  I’m having the best time EVER.  I love this city! We had breakfast in a little place called Ballaro on 77 Second Avenue in the East Village, see muffin above.  Delicious served with a lovely fluffy latte.  Not a big ambitious NY breakfast but enough fuel for a big walk from the bowery […]

‘mazin Mushrooms on Toast

mushrooms on toast from above

Ay Carumba.  Thanks once again to Jamie At Home and the Temple Bar Food Market, I enjoyed a delicious lunch this afternoon.  Had to share it with you. I picked up these incredible mushrooms from Denis Healy’s Organic Farm stall this morning.  The ones on the left are shittake and the ones on the right […]

Half win, half fail…

pastry finished close up

And so, my quest of producing edible pastry continues.  I made this wee tart last Friday night following the same pastry recipe that worked for me last time. Pastry is peculiar.  In fact, it’s about as peculiar as my insistence on trying to master it when I can buy perfectly acceptable ready to roll stuff […]

Pastry. Is it worth it?

tart finished on trayu

When Squash met Cashel. So.  I did it!  I faced my pastry demons and came through victorious, like some sort of baking Joan of Arc, battling the murky, tempestuous world of flour, butter and water. Maybe that’s going slightly too far. I managed to make a fairly kicking savoury tart the other night, and yes, […]

Coppinger Row

small bread

Myself and Niall enjoyed a slightly squiffy Saturday lunch at Coppinger Row in Dublin earlier today. Coppinger Row is a newly opened restaurant on a little lane in my favourite part of Dublin.  It’s housed in the lane that runs between South William Street and Clarendon Street.  For more Dublin style directions, it’s the lane […]

Niall’s Tuscan Tomato and Bread Soup/Stew


Not a great pic, but seriously, this soup was ‘the shit’. Arriving home very late after a rather long Monday at work, I was greeted by Niall offering up a bowl of this scrumptious soup. It’s from the Anthony Worrell Thompson GI Diet book.  It’s a really hearty soup, that really is more of a […]

Morrocan Aubergine & Chickpea Salad

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red onion and coriander

They all come crawling back…to the BBC Good Food website.  Well, I did anyway. It’s been a while since I’ve had a wander through the zillions of recipes and tips, and tonight I was sure glad I did.  This recipe for Morrocan Aubergine & Chickpea Salad was deliciously light and tasty, seasonal and nutritious.  And […]

A nice fresh salad before we set off…

asparagus salad ingredients two

…to Dan Deacon in Andrew’s Lane Theatre tonight that is.  Tomorrow we’re off to Bordeaux for my school chum’s wedding and no doubt the food and wine will be flowing and utterly fabulous.  I figured it would be best to stock up on the greens before our travelling sets in.  Keep up the immune system, […]

Pink Grapefruit Salad


We arrived home from our weekend of shenanigans in Sligo and Belfast late on Saturday night, only to be woken up on Sunday afternoon by amazing brightness and sunshine.  There was only on thing for it but a bright, refreshing pink grapefruit salad. I enjoyed a variation on this salad in the wonderful Avoca Cafe […]