English Mum’s Chicken Pie

chicken pie slice yum

Tis the season to eat pies, fa la la laaaa la la la la la!

Honestly.  I’ve wanted to eat pie every night this week.  It’s all this cold weather. The wind has been wrapping itself around my face every time I leave the house, like some kind of energy-vampire ill-advised friendship, trying its best to devour any enthusiasm I’d had for the day.

Dash it all, cruel weather, you won’t win! For I have pie to defend myself with!

Of late, I’ve been constantly craving a bit of meat and carbohydrate (with a dollop of cream with every dish) to warm me up and make me feel happy in my tum tum.

I spotted this Chicken Pie of English Mum’s (blogger/foodie/mum/pink lady extraordinaire) ages ago.  It had to be made.  Oh yes, it had to be made.

Head over to her lovely blog for full instructions on the making of the pastry and how to make the filling.

I used ready to roll pastry and followed her instructions pretty much to a T and it were gorgeous.

pie ingredientspie filling cooking
finished piechicken pie finished

Go on.  You know you want to.  Make a pie and feck the calorific quantities!  It’s winter!


As I was cooking  the above pie, I was looking for tracks for my new show on 2xm which is called Right Click Radio.  Below is a link to The Hype Machine, where you’ll be able to listen to one of my favourite tracks of last week’s show, The Generationals When They Fight They Fight.

The Generationals -  When They Fight They Fight – on The Hype Machine


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  1. Ohh my this pie looks good. I totally agree – there is something in the winter wind that juts makes pie the most attractive dinner ever! Utterly delicous :)

  2. It’s the only thing for the winter – it’s just so perfect and cosy itself in its little pastry blanket that somehow that warmth transfers to you when you eat it! Yum! Want some right now, in fact.

  3. my pie hat is on. my pie brain is whirring. bring on the pie-off!

  4. I know, I’m so excited. Pie-off, pie-off, pie-off!