Oh man, I love New York!


Oh, man.  I’m having the best time EVER.  I love this city!

We had breakfast in a little place called Ballaro on 77 Second Avenue in the East Village, see muffin above.  Delicious served with a lovely fluffy latte.  Not a big ambitious NY breakfast but enough fuel for a big walk from the bowery up to Central Park.

katz deli outside

Lunch was in Katz’s Deli on the corner of Houston and Ludlow Street.  It’s famous for being the best Deli in the city.  And also as the place where Sally has the fake orgasm in When Harry Met Sally.

katz inside counterkatz inside

The pastrami sandwiches were TO DIE FOR.  Beautiful, beautiful stuff.  We got a Pastrami Sandwich and a Rueben Sandwich and shared a piece each.

katz sambos above
rueben and pastrami

Dinner was in Benny’s Burritos on 93 Avenue A.  I had a mini quesadilla served with the most YUM sour cream.

benny burritos outsidebenny burritos inside

It was perfect fuel for a night out.  The best thing about the whole meal was, in fact, the frozen margueritas.  Squiffy!

peace love and guacamole

Peace, love and guacamole!

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  1. I love Bennys. Tried to find the one downtown off Washington Sq but warning to all, it’s closed.

  2. ohhhhhh KAtz – I passed it but we had just eaten damn it, looks good!!

  3. Ahhh, you are making me so nostalgic and jealous!! The food in NY is amazing. I am still on a major diet from me and Lu’s 2 week adventure. Wish I was there now… *sniff*… stupid carrot salad for lunch, not pastrami sandwich. You HAVE to try Dizzys diner in Park Slope Brooklyn. Best Ever, followed by nice walk in Prospect park. I used to live nearby, those were the days.

  4. Of all the things that I miss about home, it’s the shitty coffee. Can you believe that?

  5. And the Reubens, of course.

  6. Hey all, thanks for comments! NY is amazing.

    And Ben, I totally understand why you miss the shitty coffee. It’s really good even if it tastes slightly of dishwater!! Can’t explain it really. But I know exactly what you mean.