Scones – as in “Cone” or “John”?

scone opened on board

Well, in my family, we’ve always called them scones as in “John” and I was surprised to hear someone pronouncing them as in “cone” for the first time.  A quick search on wikipedia assures me that the “cone” pronunciation is recognised but it seems that the Scots – who invented these little beauties in the […]

Luke Skywalker, You Are My Pancake.

darth vader pancakes

Niall’s sister lives in Virgina Beach (USA) and, due to a particularly high level of awesomeness, she always sends Niall THE BEST presents. The most recent one was this AMAZING set of Star Wars Pancake Molds. Sadly, they only deliver within the USA but if you’re reading this stateside you’re in luck – here’s looking […]

Cafe Gandolfi: Glasgow

Seamus and Aoife

Seamus MacInnes and I on the first of myself and Niall’s three visits to Cafe Gandolfi in two days.  We just really liked it. As I travel around, I find myself collecting favourite hang out spots, whether they be restaurants, cafes, bars or shops that I love.  Mentally, I’m creating my perfect town which would […]

Baked Eggs Brunch

baked egg

Eggs.  I love them.  Tomato sauce.  Basil. Favourite things.  Together.  In one little ramekin.  Zing!  Brunch delight. This was very simple to make and no fuss at all.  I was inspired by this recipe but tweaked it a good bit to beef it up.



I think Brunch is my favourite meal.  I love it so.  And not just because it gives me the excuse to indulge in Bloody Marys.  It sets the tone of your day, leaving you feeling relaxed and pampered.  It’s such a luxury to spend time over it as opposed to the rushed slice of toast […]

Ard Bia at Nimmos

mini brekki

Pic taken from Ard Bia website We had the most joyous of nights in Galway last Saturday for the 2010 Irish Blog Awards.  Happily, Niall came away with the Best Music Blog award, leading to much merriment and supping and chatting and spontaneous singing and even a bit of rapping.  And that was just me. […]

A Daily Spud’s Spud Cakes

farl with egg

The Daily Spud’s Cumin and Cayenne Pepper Potato Farl with poached egg as eaten by I Can Has Cook? Moving back up the Food & Drink (sponsored by Bord Bia) longlist for the Irish Blog Awards we find ourselves in The Daily Spud territory. The Daily Spud is one of the blogs I look at […]

Holy Eggs Benedict!

egg's benedict close

Eggs Benedict with my rather runny homemade Hollandaise Sauce Man, I just love Sundays.  A perfectly lazy day can be made even better with a ludicrously delicious brunch and a copy of The Observer Food Monthly.  I’m so happy right now. In Alex James’ column in OFM, he mentions Kate Moss’ mantra “Nothing tastes as […]

I Can Has Detox?

christmas croissants

Phew.  What a delicious holiday it was.  Mine was full  of things like: And that was only Christmas Day itself. I’m still pretty full.  But this week has  found me dedicated to a new diet, one that does not involve masses amounts of  butter, cream, potatoes, chocolate or indeed booze. Instead of doing some insane […]

Oh man, I love New York!


Oh, man.  I’m having the best time EVER.  I love this city! We had breakfast in a little place called Ballaro on 77 Second Avenue in the East Village, see muffin above.  Delicious served with a lovely fluffy latte.  Not a big ambitious NY breakfast but enough fuel for a big walk from the bowery […]