‘mazin Mushrooms on Toast

mushrooms on toast from above

Ay Carumba.  Thanks once again to Jamie At Home and the Temple Bar Food Market, I enjoyed a delicious lunch this afternoon.  Had to share it with you. I picked up these incredible mushrooms from Denis Healy’s Organic Farm stall this morning.  The ones on the left are shittake and the ones on the right […]

Marmite Soldiers and Boiled Egg? Really??

close up eggs

I was about thirteen the first time I tried Marmite.  As is no doubt a pretty normal reaction, I spat it out instantly and retched dramatically while scrubbing my tongue in protest.  God, it was vile. I came around to Marmite sometime last year.  My flatmates BenAnna started spreading it ever so slightly over their […]

Come to me, my cheesy cure


What do you do when you get home at 8 in the morning after a very fun night out and you wake up at half three on a Saturday afternoon feeling somewhere between the glee of still-a-bit-squiffy and the inevitable looming bout of The Fear which is due to hit at aroud half 5?  You […]

A welcome home brekkie


I’m not very good at cleaning.  There was absolutely no reason for me to think that Niall would want a tidy house when he came home but I’d got it into my head that it would be a good idea to scrub up the place nice and proper for when he came home from SXSW […]

The most ridiculous breakfast ever…

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Asparagus for breakfast?? Jamie, you are a mentalist. But it totally worked. This was the easiest thing to make. In fact, it was almost easier coordinating the boiled eggs with the asparagus than it is with toast. Especially if you’re cooking for two people – someone is always going to get cold toy soldiers. Who’s […]