Butternut Squash Nomness

butternut squash spiced lentils

Here’s a great recipe for a meat-free dinner, lovely for non-veggies and veggies alike, and easily made appropriate for vegans by taking away the Feta Cheese. In fact, this would be even better to eat when squash is in season in Autumn – late September, perhaps?  It’s so delicious  that I wanted to share it […]

Chapter 12 of The Hipster Handbook: Harnessing The Wisdom of The East

daal on table

The deliciously long title of this particular post was created by my buddy @Fensterdj who tweeted it at me last week in reply to my update about going for a consultation at the Ayurveda Centre on Stephen Street in Dublin 2. It’s true.  I do have hipster tendencies – buying glasses from Specsavers Mens Department, […]

Spain, eh?! Who knew!

spanish dinner

I, with my insightful knowledge of football and the great game, *ahem*, had forecasted that Germany would be in this year’s World Cup Final alongside Holland.  I have a World Cup Final meal planned for Sunday before the final game.  My menu before tonight’s last semi-final game had two courses confirmed:  Bobotie from South Africa […]

Lentil and Chorizo Salad

salad from side

Lentil, red onion, cherry tomato, chorizo and (paprika dyed) feta cheese salad We had bought some Chorizo for our ‘Baked’ Haddock yesterday, in the knowledge that we would probably get around 3 meals out of the 225g M&S packet.  Which is good, as it set us back nearly €5.00. This Chorizo is made in Spain […]

Kinda Baked Haddock

baked haddock

This Tuesday night supper wasn’t really baked but some of steam-fried.  But let’s stick with baked, to allude to a more healthy type of cooking *ahem*. In fairness, this is rather healthy.  We got some nice Haddock from Kish Fish down the road and found this recipe which I followed to a T. It was […]

Seriously easy ‘Paella’


Niall made this  not-exactly-authentic-but-totally-totally-delish Paella last week. MAKE THIS FOR YOUR GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND/FRIENDS/MA/BOSS. It’s delicious, very easy and highly impressive flavour wise. Head over to The Bible for the full recipe by Olive Magazine.  And don’t leave out the Chorizo – that’s what makes it. TUNE It’s gotta be The Gypsy Kings with their version of […]

Chicken Licken

chicken cooked whole

The weekend before last, one of my most  newly acquired internet friends @colinjm was tweeting about getting the preparations together for a family roast dinner.  I realised it has been too long, yes too long, since we in the Byrne-McElwain household partook in a bit of poultry roasting.  It was time to get a nice […]

Gnock-out Gnocchi (arf arf)

baked gnocci wide

We’ve been taking it very easy indeed this Bank Holiday weekend.  I’ve been working over the last two days so last night myself and Niall found ourselves deciding to stay in with the Saturday papers, a nice bottle of plonk, some tunes and a decent but stress-free dinner.  And a bag of giant chocolate buttons […]

Twizza Party!

three slices of pizza

Last Thursday night, after a suggestion by Reindeer SP, a few of the recently acquainted Irish food bloggers got together for a pizza party. Well, when I say we got together for a pizza party, I mean that we got together on The Internet.   Naturually.  Coz that’s how we do.



That blog title is terribly misleading, I apologise.  The Free Stuff I’m referring to was all that lovely gear you see in the pic above and unfortunately I am not doing a snazzy give-away for you, my lovely readers.  Sorry! This was the swag from the Bord Bia Irish Foodie Event a few weeks back.  […]