Butternut Squash Nomness

Here’s a great recipe for a meat-free dinner, lovely for non-veggies and veggies alike, and easily made appropriate for vegans by taking away the Feta Cheese.

In fact, this would be even better to eat when squash is in season in Autumn – late September, perhaps?  It’s so delicious  that I wanted to share it with you here, just in case you’re not on Twitter :)

With preparation and cooking time, altogether this dish takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to make.  We had it with a nice plain green salad, as even if the squashes are a small size, it’s a hearty meal.

Head over to the BBC Good Food guide for all the recipe – and don’t leave out the pomegranates!  It makes it.  Nom!

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  1. Are you able to eat the skin of a butternut squash? Or do you just eat the insides! Don’t want to poison myself when I make this next week! Haha!

    • You certainly can, m’dear! It can tend to be slightly chewy in spots but I think it’s deliciouas. Just make sure you wash it really well before cooking :)

  2. Hi Aoife,
    My first time to visit I CAN COOK! I too love butternut squash and had a lovely butternut squash rissoto with pine nuts and pesto a while ago. (Think it was in Sth Anne St.) It was soo enjoyable. I would love to visit Borough market in London some time – If its Sicilian, it sounds good!

    • Hi Mary!

      Thanks so much for visiting – great to catch up with you at the BBQ on Sunday :)

      Butternut Squash is the business – I used a great butternut squash and sage risotto recipe there a while back – have a look over here!

      Borough Market in London is lovely – although it tends to be over-crowded and a little overpriced! Still really fun though.

  3. That looks totally mouth-watering. I’ll have to give it a try this week sometime.

    • Go for it m’lady! It’s a little time consuming but totally worth it. And I used tinned puy lentils to cut down on a bit of the cooking. They tasted poifect.

  4. @Aoife – Made this last night. It actually wasn’t as time consuming as I thought it might be and my gosh it’s delicious (coming from the mouth of a non-veggie). First time I’ve eaten the skin of a squash too – yum yum.

  5. Don’t get me started on how lovely this was… Also from a non-veggie :-)

    • It’s a perfect dish to serve to a Vegetarian sceptic – it’d turn anyone! It’s lovely and filling and delicious and fab. Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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