Lentil and Chorizo Salad

Lentil, red onion, cherry tomato, chorizo and (paprika dyed) feta cheese salad

We had bought some Chorizo for our ‘Baked’ Haddock yesterday, in the knowledge that we would probably get around 3 meals out of the 225g M&S packet.  Which is good, as it set us back nearly €5.00.

This Chorizo is made in Spain and claims that it’s from ‘The Farm…’ which is rather ambiguous, in truth.  It does say on the packet that it’s from M&S assured pork from farms within Spain.  Not as much information as I’d like about my meat but it’s something at least.

We’ve been becoming very fond of Chorizo of late after it single-handedly made a whopper of a dish of our Paella so I’d really like to find a good producer of it in Ireland – if there’s such a thing – or at the very least a good supplier of the yummy stuff.  I might take a walk over to Magill’s over on Clarendon Street (Dublin 2) or check out some of the meat stands at The Meeting House Square Market and see if I can find any chorizo enthusiasts.  Because it don’t half help to add flavour to things.  Phwoar.

What you need for Lentil, Red Onion, Chorizo and Feta Lemony Salad for 3

(Inspired by this recipe)

I made this salad for two Chorizo enthusiasts and one vegan.  If you’re cooking for vegans too just follow all the instructions but leave the last step (adding the chorizo and feta) out :)

300g puy lentils OR 2x400g tins of puy or green lentils

1 red onion, chopped in half then thinly sliced into half-moons

A good handful of cherry tomatoes, halved

1 lemon

1 clove garlic crushed

50g chorizo, thinly sliced

50g feta cheese, crumbled

Good bunch of parsley – let’s say 2 tsp chopped – finely chopped

Good bunch of coriander, finely chopped

Start by marinading your red onions in a big bowl with the juice of 1 lemon.  To this, add your crushed garlic clove and your cherry tomatoes.  Leave to marinate for ten minutes.

Meanwhile, you can cook your Puy Lentils according to the packet.  They don’t take longer than 15 minutes  so it’s not too bad.  Or you can use tins, like I did, which are absolutely fine.  Just be sure to wash them out in a colander first as some times they tend to be a bit starchy.

If you’re using Chorizo, it’s time to pop the chorizo slices into a pan over medium-heat and dry fry them.  The oil the hot chorizo releases is all that’s needed to cook the  yummy stuff.

Once your lentils are ready, add them to the big bowl with the onion marinade and mix everything together.  Now add all your lovely herbs, and season well with salt and pepper.

Divide between bowls and place over the non-vegan/vegetarian a sprinkling of hot chorizo and a crumbling of feta cheese.

You can serve it with an extra slice of lemon, in case anyone prefers their salad with a bit more zing.


Nouveau Noise are an electronic two piece from Dublin and they’re pretty amazoballs.  They are releasing their debut album this Friday night in The Academy 2 but they are also playing tonight (30/6) at the Twisted Pepper for HWCH 2010 launch party.  Whoop!  Here’s their track Cinnte.

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  1. Great minds think alike – I’d planned something pretty similar for dinner this week too, but with rice as well as lentils and cheese quesadillas on the side. Yum!

  2. This salad sounds great! I love puy lentils in salad. I made a Nigel Slater one that’s similar – think it has bacon and parsley, must try your one – I didn’t know that band were Irish – really like them

    • Lentils are the biz. As are nouveau noise – you should come to their album launch on Friday. 5 euro in and they are amazing. Starting at 10pm in Academy 2. Do it. Not sure if there will be lentils or chorizo there but the music will be awesome.

  3. I effing LOVE chorizo. By itself, in stews, in omlettes, as part of a tapas plate, in pasta sauces…I just love the stuff. I bought Gubbeen smoked chorizo this weekend and it was ah-may-zing.

    • Hey Niamh – it is the amazoballs of cooking. But as a veggie friend told me tonight, it’s the smoked paprika that gives it all that extra flavour. Damn, it’s an amazing meat to cook with. You don’t need any other oil but the oil from the chorizo. Gotta check out this Gubeen chorizo.

  4. love chorizo too, always have some in the house.
    Im a big fan of gubbeen chorizo too, you can get it in fallon and byrne or quite a bit cheaper in lilliput stores stoneybatter.

    • Hi Dee – awesome, thanks so much for the tip. Gubeen Chorizo has been highly recommended by quite a few now so I gotsta try it. I’m taking it on as a duty. Also, I live very close to Lilliput and (shame!!) I’ve never been in. So this is a great excuse to finally get down there. Thanks for commenting on the blog!

  5. Hi Aoife, am luving chorizo aswell but had one of the Gubeens last year & it was seriously spicy, had to give it away & my friend even found it very fiercy & she adds chilie to everything.
    I’ve never cooked with lentils, are they easy to cook & what would you add them to? Salads & stuff? Vick x

  6. Hey Aoife,

    Just found your blog and really like it a lot. Also like the music link you do as we also feature a ‘what we listened to’ on our tapas blog. Also don’t get me started on chorizo, it is the most amazing ingredient in the world. P

  7. Lemme ‘splain you sumfin….


    I’m in Greece, and that’s making me wish I was nearer Dublin. Although, I haven’t had a full meal at my auntie Emi’s taverna yet (the Greeks call them TABEPNA — Wtf? LOLplops!).

  8. Thanks Aoife, can’t wait to discover pulses, i’ll keep you posted x

  9. Hi Pearse – thanks for visiting the blog, so cool that you do the music thing too, looking forward to looking through your blog and finding some new tunes :)

    Oh HAIIII BENJAMIN! What in the bleedin’ jaysus in a feckin’ Tabepna?!? Jaysus. Dude. Eat loads of Greek food plz and report back k thnx bai.

    Hi Vicky! Good luck! :)

  10. Making this tomorrow night – chorizo brought home from spain :)

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