Kinda Baked Haddock

This Tuesday night supper wasn’t really baked but some of steam-fried.  But let’s stick with baked, to allude to a more healthy type of cooking *ahem*.

In fairness, this is rather healthy.  We got some nice Haddock from Kish Fish down the road and found this recipe which I followed to a T.

It was a nice quick supper but here are a few things I’d point out:

  • I don’t know about using Haddock in this.  I love Smoked Haddock but I’m not too keen on the unsmoked stuff.  This could well have been down to the way I cooked it, but the Haddock was slightly too fishy for me.  This is strange as it’s supposed to be one of the milder fishes.  Perhaps it was because I forgot to take the skin off.  Hmmm…perhaps.  Got any recommendations for a nicer alternative of white fish?
  • Be careful that the potatoes don’t stick to the botttom of the pan – keep them moving more regularly than it suggests on recipe.
  • I used white wine instead of sherry, which was totally fine.  I mean, who has Sherry in their cupboards these days??


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Tightrope – Janelle Monae – The Hype Machine

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  1. Have you tried hake? I prefer it to haddock. In fact, I went shopping for haddock today but ended up with hake :-)

  2. Oh flip that looks lovely. I might make it tomorrow.

    • Oh do! It was really good, especially the chorizoy potatoes, they were really delicious. In fact, I liked them a lot more than the actual fish!! Great way to cook spuds.

  3. You’re an inspiration. I’m battering whiting right now for some pan-fried loveliness with balsamic tomatoes and chips.

    • Thanks Reilly! Yum – love whiting too. I mean, I really love smoked haddock but I just didn’t dig it in this particular recipe…Whiting though is the biz. And batter too! Swoon!