Fish for breakfast? Geddoudaheere!


But you know what, fish for breakfast/brunch is decidedly delicious. I whipped up this Kedgeree by Rick Stein which I found over on, yes, that’s right the BBC Good Food website.  I’ve decided to ban myself from using the site for a whole week, as I think I should try broadening my recipe source horizons.  […]

Jamie’s Jool’s Favourite Stew

stew and boxty yumminess

Boxty’s frying away… I’ve been posting so many links to BBC Good Food of late that I felt I really ought to broaden my internet-recipe-source-horizons.  It’s just that the BBC is so reliable and wonderful, it really is the first place I look for inspiration. Not moving too far out of my recipe-comfort-zone, I was […]

Falafel Fail

falafel in pitta mushy

Honestly, if you look really closely, you’ll see there is, in fact, a falafel in there…ahem. Well,  a Falafel Half-Fail at any rate.  I love Falafels so much that I would love to be able to make them at home.  When I lived in Saudi Arabia, we bought Falafels and Shwarmas as treats on Wednesday […]


irish stew

Oh, I may as well rename the blog “I Can Has Testing BBC Good Food Recipes” as the next few posts will most probably feature a link to the On-Line Recipe Bible. Niall’s Mum made us some Irish Stew over the Christmas holidays, and it was so delicious, that we’ve both been craving another bowl […]

Christmas Eve Eve Dinner for two

quail egg salad

Our Christmas Tree with Scotch Bonnet Chillis and our NY Taxi full of Santa and Shoppers Having survived rather well at the Battle of Christmas Shopping 2009 today, myself and Niall had a Christmas Eve Eve Dinner this evening.  Recipes will follow when I’m a little less full of lovely Marks and Spencer Cava (2 […]

Who Made All The Pies?

my pie side

Thanks to Dave for the pics! You must think I’m awfully competitive.  But, as I have pleaded before, I am honestly not.  Yet, I found myself involved in another competitive cook-off on Saturday night in my very own home.  Thou dost prostest too much, yee pie lover, etc. And so it was that Lucy and […]

Come Dine With Joc and John: The Grub

onion tart

This post could alternatively be entitled “Why I Should Never Have Asked Jocelyn to Do Come Dine With Me.” We most certainly had the best dessert of our little competition, and I think all of the other competitors will agree with me.  It was so good that I’ve provided three pics below for you to […]

The last Come Dine With Me!

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CDWM menu

So, tonight is the night when Jocelyn and John pair up to prepare a three course meal for myself, Niall, Alan and Colette.  Their menu looks delicious. This reminds me that I’ve failed to put up Alan’s recipes from his CDWM but I will do that asap. We’ll be announcing the winners of our Come […]

English Mum’s Chicken Pie

chicken pie finished

Tis the season to eat pies, fa la la laaaa la la la la la! Honestly.  I’ve wanted to eat pie every night this week.  It’s all this cold weather. The wind has been wrapping itself around my face every time I leave the house, like some kind of energy-vampire ill-advised friendship, trying its best […]

Oh man, I love New York!


Oh, man.  I’m having the best time EVER.  I love this city! We had breakfast in a little place called Ballaro on 77 Second Avenue in the East Village, see muffin above.  Delicious served with a lovely fluffy latte.  Not a big ambitious NY breakfast but enough fuel for a big walk from the bowery […]