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Cork, boy!!

asparagus salad

A lovely salad, flower and all, that I picked up last Saturday in Cork’s amazing English Market. Twere the tastiest leaves I ever did eat. Cork is lovely.  Really lovely.  But you knew this already. Got to use twitter to its full potential before we travelled to Cork by sending out a message of ‘Know […]

Friday Food Video #5: Vintage Birdseye


It’s been fairly quiet on this here blog this week, but then again, I am really a weekend cooking kinda gal.  Thanks for all your lovely comments about the roast chicken, will definitely be taking note of the hints and tips! It’s Friday and here’s a little vintage advertising for you.  Amaaaazing Northern accents. This […]

Friday Food Video #4: Raekwon The Chef


My buddies at EgoEccentric hooked me up with this vid. This is Raekwon the Chef from The Wu-Tang Clan getting all foodie like.  I like the way he talks about food like he’s at a freestyle competition, it’s great!  It’s a long rambling video but there’s a lovely bit in the middle where he talks […]

Food phobia or negative association?


I’m telling ya…it’s been a guilty week. Since the guilty pleasures party, I haven’t had one healthy home-made meal.  It’s been Indian takeaways, ham and coleslaw sandwiches for dinner (it’s just not right) and pot noodles.  Salad is on the menu for tonight, for sure.  Even if it is miserable outside! Following the launch gig […]

Friday Food Video #2: Silly rabbit


Have you ever had Trix cereal?  It’s sugary and in hindsight, I can see why my mum wouldn’t let us eat it as kids.  We were hyper enough as it was. Here’s an ad for Trix yoghurt which looks about as nutritious as a piece of old trodden-on goat bum fluff. What’s wrong with the […]

Brunch in The Mermaid Cafe


My two favourite eateries in Dublin are The Mermaid Cafe and Gruel, which are next door to each other on Dame Street in Dublin and are owned by the same people.  Obviously, I hit Gruel a lot more frequently as dinner at The Mermaid Cafe can put a sizeable dent in your pocket.  Although the […]

Who knew soy sauce could be so…creepy?


I followed a few links and ended up on this lovely London based food blog today.  I’ll definitely be back.  She had a link to the above video which she found on Serious Eats and I just had to share it with y’all.  Something tells me Manuel’s going to be especially fond of this. MP3 […]

I can has excitement?!?


You….are…….beautiful….to…..meeee! My first Le Creuset pot sitting next to my little butter dish (which is a fairly handy copy that I got for a fiver in All Rooms on Liffey Street.  Rock it!) I don’t mean to gloat but I’m too excited about the above pot that I had to share it.  Of all people, […]