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I Can Has Cotswolds?

apples and cottage

I’m a bit late in the week posting these pics but I did so want to share them with you all.  Last weekend we headed to The Cotswolds for our friend Ben’s 30th birthday party.  We were in the quaint village of South Cerney in Gloucestersertereshire.  Yeah, not sure how to say it or spell […]

Wherein Soup Dragon redeems itself…

soup deal sign

Two or three years ago, I used to go to Soup Dragon as often as I could for my fix of sustenance that the small friendly cafe on Capel Street specialising in soup offered. I don’t know what happened, but some time early last year (perhaps around the same time as the second premises around […]

I Can Has Kitchen Concert Cook-Off?

ben with chopped parsely

I had an idea a few months back of a way that I could combine my love for music and food….have kitchen based concerts! How’s about every once in a while, we invite a band to our gaffe and give them a budget of €20?  Not only will they have to cook a delicious budget […]

Raw Food Session at Ukiyo Bar

raw sign

So remember last week we were eating Lamb’s Brains and downing Oyster Shooters as part of a special tasting menu night at Ukiyo Bar? This Sunday the 16th, a special Raw Foods night will kick off around 7pm at Ukiyo on Exchequer Street and will follow the same theme as the Evolution of the Ciaran […]

Come Dine With Me Grub

cdwm folks

Aoife, Collette, Alan, Jocelyn and Alan (Niall behind the camera!) So, we had our first Come Dine With Me last Friday night.  Thanks for all the support on twitter!  It was a fun night. I’m only going to post the pics of what I cooked for Niall, Alan, Collette, Jocelyn and John.  I don’t want […]

Taboo Foods with a side order of Gonzo, anyone?

oyster shots side

Okay, folks.  This one is not for the veggies.  Or the faint-hearted. Last Sunday, myself and Niall went down to Ukiyo Bar on Exchequer Street to experience the Evolution of The Ciaran Crawford Acion Figure Doll. The low-down is essentially this: Ciaran Crawford is an Irish chef with a rambunctious personality, a love for life, […]

Australia: A Digestif

aoife's roo

So…we’ve been back from Australia for over a week now.  At this point, it’s almost as if it was all a wonderful, happy dream… I have cooked once since we’ve been back.  Seriously, we needed to lay off the eating after our incredible trip.  Although we did manage to squeeze in an Indian take-away from […]

The eating continues over in Western Australia…

view from hotel room

A Boab tree in Perth’s beautiful King’s Park & Botanic Gardens By the time we arrived in Perth last Tuesday, we’d had nearly five full days of action packed adventure and plenty of eating in Melbourne.  On the trip from the airport to the very central Rydes Hotel in Perth City, our taxi driver explained […]

Cumulus Inc. Melbourne

cumulus exterior

On our first few days in Oz, we had been told breakfast was a bit of ‘a thing’ in Melbourne, that everyone went out for breakfast/brunch on the weekends to catch up with friends or to simply enjoy some good grub. We were given the heads up on Cumulus Inc, which had the rep for […]

A Bar Secrets Tour of Melbourne

the carlton

Der Raum – molecular cocktailing On our last night in Melbourne, we were shown around a handful of the seemingly endless funky little bars that are scattered around the city by our delightful hostess Michelle. Michelle is the creator of The Deck of Secrets, a series of playing card size packs designed to be a […]