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The Chelsea Hotel

chelsea hotel front door

Widely known as The Chelsea Hotel, The Hotel Chelsea, number 222 on West 23rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenue, is a part of art, literature, music and pop culture history. Over the years, it has been home to many a writer and musician.  Brendan Behan stayed there for a bit, as did Mark Twain […]

Some ACTUAL Touristy Stuff in NYC…

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chrysler building

…that didn’t actually involve eating or gigs. Well.  Okay, I won’t lie.  There was always a pretzel or a donut or, at the very least,  a Vitamin Water close to hand while doing the touristy stuff in NYC after CMJ was over. And, yes, I do consider expertyly graffitied loos in NYC a tourist attraction.  […]

Late Night Munchies at Veselka

peirogis on table

Late night munchies at Veselka in The East Village New York City certainly never sleeps.  And we didn’t do much of that either while there. We were over in NYC for the CMJ Music Festival, and Music from Ireland put on a showcase of 7 Irish bands in The Bowery Poetry Club last Thursday night. […]

SEA in Williamsburg

sea with pool

Last Sunday, we had what felt to be a rather typical New York Sunday.  After a bout of vintage clothes shopping at Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn’s hipster friendly neighbourhood Williamsburg with our friend Chelsea, we headed for a good local spot for a bit of grub. We went to SEA on 114 North 6th Street […]

Sushi in NYC…sooooo good!

tomoe sushi outside

After a day of getting lost on the subway and listening to CMJ gigs at Pianos on Ludlow Street off Houston, one finds oneself wanting a good sushi. Our friend Elanor had a place in mind which she had found by googling ‘good new york sushi’  Off we hopped in cab with another pal Dan […]

An especially amazing breakfast at Dizzy’s Diner

dizzy's outside

I’m so very happy.  We’ve been eating so well here.  Upon recommendation of the Lo-Lu’s Kitchen gals, myself and Niall popped around the corner of our Brooklyn abode to Dizzy’s Diner on 511 15th Street.  Soooo glad we did. The inside of Dizzy’s Diner is a bit Eddie Rocket’s like except with more garish colours […]

The healthiest breakfast I’ve ever had…

karen's outside

Karen’s on Astor Place, surrounded by scaffolding… Ok, well, it wasn’t exactly breakfast.  As we were making our way out to Williamsburg via the L Train and Union Square yesterday early afternoon, we were getting very conscious of the fact that we were yet to fill our bellies with a beautiful NY breakfast. We were […]

I Can Has NYC??


Yes, that’s right, I intend to eat at least 8 meals a day while in NYC. Myself and Niall are heading off to New York City on Monday afternoon to check out the CMJ music marathon and, of course, to eat and shop and hang out in one of the coolest cities in the world. […]



You may remember the reports of my strawberry starter and disasterous main course back in August, when we had Round One of our very own Come Dine With Me. The time is finally upon us for Round Two and this Friday it’s Alan and Colette’s turn to wow us with their culinary skills and hosting […]