Friday Food Video #2: Silly rabbit

Have you ever had Trix cereal?  It’s sugary and in hindsight, I can see why my mum wouldn’t let us eat it as kids.  We were hyper enough as it was.

Here’s an ad for Trix yoghurt which looks about as nutritious as a piece of old trodden-on goat bum fluff.

What’s wrong with the rabbit anyway?  It’s fairly pathetic that after about fifty years of trying to get ‘his hands’ on the Trix, he still hasn’t managed it.  Seeing as he’s up against children and all.  Bah!

Here’s the Trix rabbit Family Guy styleee….

Good Friday, y’all!!  Whoop whoop!!  Oh no…wait…no whoops at all, there’s no BOOZE!!!

*runs screaming hysterically from laptop looking for nearest bottle of perfume to breathe in the alcohol level and normalise IPAT (Irish personal alcohol temperature)*

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  1. wonder what saddle of Trix rabbit would taste like?

  2. Saddle of Trix rabbit would taste….sugary and artificial?? :)

  3. I thought it would taste a bit funny…