Friday Food Video #4: Raekwon The Chef

My buddies at EgoEccentric hooked me up with this vid. This is Raekwon the Chef from The Wu-Tang Clan getting all foodie like.  I like the way he talks about food like he’s at a freestyle competition, it’s great!  It’s a long rambling video but there’s a lovely bit in the middle where he talks passionately about being an artist and keeping on doing what he loves no matter what any of the haters say. He seems like he’s having a good time making food for his mates and talking about his cooking like he’s Delia’s ultimate rival.  And it ends with a motivational self-bigging up speech about his mic capabilities.  Lol.

“Put some garlic in these eggs and all that shit.  Put some of that good ol’ mother fuckin’ salt in there.”

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  1. HAAAAAAAAAA roflllllll:D

  2. Oh haiiii Holly! I know, it’s cool isn’t it? It’s really long but there are some gems in there, and it’s kind of hypnotic to watch him rambling on. He looks like a total dude though, a great person to have around for a hungover Sunday. A constant talking soundtrack, hee hee!

  3. You know his nickname “The Chef” comes from ability to cook up crack cocaine rather than any culinary skill, right?

    check the back cover of his first album “only built for cuban linx”

  4. Well helloooo my dear colleague! You see, I blog when I’m NOT at work. So The Chef moniker is drug related? You mean there’s some connection between The Wu-Tang Clan and substance abuse? No, no, I’m sorry, Fenster, but I just can’t believe that. You must be mistaken.

    • only because you actually had some work to do this week :)

      not a direct connection , don’t get high on your own supply, first rule of cheffery!!

  5. awesome……simply awesomeo