Friday Food Video #1: Skittles

How’s about a food-related video for a Friday?

The sub-title at the top of the first of our Friday Food Video says ‘Worst Skittles Commercial Ever’.  I beg to differ.  This is ace.

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  1. What a totally awesome super power. New Heroes character?

  2. Hey Brian – isn’t it? I love the last bit. With the desk and all.

    Lottie – but is it awesome? Is it really awesome? :)

  3. As totally awesome useless and ultimately world destructive super powers go – I think it’s pretty darn awesome.

    Although I’d prefer Malteesers or maybe Jelly Babies rather than Skittles.

  4. Or maybe all three together as one super power! Or maybe just jelly babies and skittles and jelly tots. And then on Tuesdays you could have maltesers and minstrels. That would be awesome.

  5. The only thing is that, unfortunately, neither Skittles Man nor Mr. Skittles work particularly well as a super hero name, and I think I’d prefer to have things turn into m&m’s, when all’s said and done! :)

  6. You’re onto something there Spud. Maybe I’d have peanut M&Ms in one hand and then jelly tots on the other hand. But then you could change the power every month so you wouldn’t get sick of the sweets. Yeah…that would work!

    You’re right about the superhero names though – Mrs Sweet or Sweet Girl just sound lame and not scary at all.

  7. but how come he can sit on his chair

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  9. Anthony – you’re dead right! Heyyyy…I smell a fake skittles super hero. For shame!

  10. This is amazing! There’s not enough dark comedy in advertisements these days.

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