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Melbourne’s Tjanabi Indigenous Restaurant

Starter Tasting Plates

Okay, vegetarian readers.  This post might not be up your street.  On our second night in Melbourne, we took the short walk from our hotel to Federation Square where dinner was to be enjoyed in Tjanabi, The All Australia Restaurant.  It turned into quite the meat fest! The word Tjanabi means ‘to celebrate’ in the […]

Harley Davidsons, Queen Victoria Market and Vintage Shopping *OR* A Perfect Day in Melbourne

indie mick and nine

There’s nothing like a Harley ride to wake a girl up in the morn.  And now I know that from experience. At 8.45 on our second morning in Melbourne, we were met in our hotel by two lovely gents and their chariots: John and Mick and their beautiful Harleys.  We were kitted out with helmets, […]

Green 19


Chateau de Cazenac, the stunning venue for the wedding in France over the weekend.  If you’re thinking of an overseas wedding, this is your place!  Magical. Myself and Niall had a wonderful time in Bordeaux over the weekend.  In fact, we were two hours outside of Bordeaux in a sleepy little village called Siorac.  The […]

We’re going to Australia!

me as nicole

A few months ago, myself and Niall were given the wonderous news that we were to go to Australia, courtesy of Tourism Australia.  This day next week, we will be leaving Dublin and heading to Melbourne.  We’ll be spending five days there, followed by five days in Perth.  And we will be blogging all the […]

Friday Food Video #7


Another week’s work finished.  We’re off to Sligo tonight and Belfast tomorrow night in How To Pretend You Are A Member of Super Extra Bonus Party: Part 2.  Hey, I help sell the merch at the gigs, right?  So defunct apso facto, I wrote their album Night Horses. Think of that what you will. Here’s […]



Woahhh…!!  A Super Mario Bento Box!! For now, that’s all I have to say.  There was a lot more drinking than eating over last weekend and, although I made a fairly decent dinner tonight, I burned the bejaysus* out of my hand in the process and don’t think I can type about it at great […]