The healthiest breakfast I’ve ever had…

karen's outside

Karen’s on Astor Place, surrounded by scaffolding…

Ok, well, it wasn’t exactly breakfast.  As we were making our way out to Williamsburg via the L Train and Union Square yesterday early afternoon, we were getting very conscious of the fact that we were yet to fill our bellies with a beautiful NY breakfast.

We were also feeling a bit worse for wear after having an epic day of walking and frozen margueritas the night before.

karen's inside counterkaren's inside from door

So we headed to Karen’s on Astor Place, between Broadyway & Lafayette, a vegan and meateater friendly establishment that smells of HEALTH as you walk in the door.  Honestly!  We were greeted by a tremendous waft of wheatgrass, which was not entirely unpleasant.

my sambo close up

I went for a delicious acovado and salad sambo – beautiful crisp tasty salad leaves and lovely lush avocado – and Niall went for an egg salad sambo.

niall sambo close up

My saviour for the morning was the giant pint of green stuff entitled The Green Goddess.  It was a mixture of spirulina, soy protein, banana, apple and one other outrageously healthy ingredient that I can’t recall.  It looked vile but it was really delicious, although it did have the same texture as grass and was not unlike drinking a freshly mown lawn.

shake and sambo

It set us up for our trip to Williamsburg, wherein we said “DRATBA” everytime we saw a hipster.  Needless to say, we were saying it a lot.  But Williamsburg was cool and I’m planning on going to SEA on Sunday for lunch.  It’s a Thai restaurant with a swimming pool inside it.  And I’ve been told a scene from Garden State was filmed there.  Nice.

We popped into a pet store as our friend Sean wanted to get a ball toy for his terrier Bad Bass Billy.  In the store we found some pretty amazing looking Dog Food.

williamsburg gourmet pet foodwilliamsburg pet food

The ones on the left are ‘Puppy Plates’ or ‘Venison Holiday Stew’ and the ones on the right are ‘Working Dog Stew’ and ‘Mediterranean Banquet’.  Lucky dogs!

Okay.  On recommendation from Rayne from Lo-Lu’s Kitchen, I’m heading to Dizzy’s Diner in Brooklyn for brekkie – gonna get me some waffles.  Yesssssss!!!

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  1. Howdy Aoife, great work with the blog (and the show on Wednesday) I’m ill with envy. What does DRATBA mean? It’s not coming back on the google. Laters.

  2. YEAHHH go to Dizzy – it’s great, oh so good they even have grits!

  3. I second both these comments . I too wanna know what DRATBA means. Hope you enjoy Dizzys, i think its worth the trip for the corned beef hash alone. Cant wait to read your next post!

  4. Hey Alan and Rayne, dratba has no real meaning but it seemed like the appropriate thing to say when surrounded my hipsters. Hard to explain, perhaps.

    And Rayne and Lulu – we had Dizzy’s yesterday, soooooo amazing, I loved it so much! Will put up pics later today.

  5. Hi Aoife,

    Sounds like you and Nialler are having a fab time in NYC. Enjoying reading your posts. We used to feed our dog Maya that food, she was especially fond of the Mediterranean Banquet and Thanksgiving and the Granny’s Pot Pie. Sooo spoiled! Enjoy the rest of the trip. Looking forward to seeing you at xmas.


  6. Hi Ali! Maya is a lucky dog! We’re having a great time. Did a food tour of Chinatown this morning, it was amazing. So much yummy dim sum. We’ve just checked in to the chelsea hotel and are feeling very bohemian! Going to check out a few more gigs tonight hopefully. Can’t wait to see you, zack and niamh at christmas too – the latest pics are sooooooo cute!! What a smiley wee girl she is :)

  7. go vegan food! :) <3 it tastes good, it's good for you and you feel good after eating it!