Some ACTUAL Touristy Stuff in NYC…

tacky nyc plates

…that didn’t actually involve eating or gigs.

chrysler buildinggrand central station

Well.  Okay, I won’t lie.  There was always a pretzel or a donut or, at the very least,  a Vitamin Water close to hand while doing the touristy stuff in NYC after CMJ was over.

dunkin donutspumpkin donut
pretzelnyc bathroom

And, yes, I do consider expertyly graffitied loos in NYC a tourist attraction.  That loo above on the right was in the deadly Cake Shop bar/venue on Ludlow Street in The East Village.  Great spot.

We did the Top Of  The Rock

rockerfeller centre skatingrockerfeller centre flags
top of the rock central parktop of the rock empirre state

We saw Tina Fey and all I could say was “I want to go to there!” followed by “…and that’s a dealbreaker!”

Shee-ahhh. I wish. We didn’t see her or Kenneth or Jack Donaghy but they were all with us in spirit as we looked over the amazing Manhattan skyline on a beautifully sunny day.

We also went to The Museum of Natural History up at the top of Central Park.  I thought I was going to pass out with overwhelming love for the Universe and all that it’s made up of while in the UNBELIEVABLE Journey to the Stars at the Planetarium.  Holy Cow.  A direct quote from Niall was “Those were the best visuals I’ve ever seen.”  And he would know.

And we saw lions and tigers and bears and dinosaurs, oh my.  Amazing place.

natural history museum outside
alaska brown  bearantelope

water holewater hole giraffe
big whalebiodiversity
brontosaurus main halldinosaur main hall
liongiant sable
hairy voodoo outfitsscary voodoo outfits
voodoo outfitsvoodoo shell outfit
platypus bonesstegosaurus bones
elephant bonesmammoth bones
tricerotop bonestotem poles

Amazing. I loooove the stuff.

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