Come Dine With Me

Come Dine With Joc and John: The Grub

onion tart

This post could alternatively be entitled “Why I Should Never Have Asked Jocelyn to Do Come Dine With Me.” We most certainly had the best dessert of our little competition, and I think all of the other competitors will agree with me.  It was so good that I’ve provided three pics below for you to […]

The last Come Dine With Me!

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CDWM menu

So, tonight is the night when Jocelyn and John pair up to prepare a three course meal for myself, Niall, Alan and Colette.  Their menu looks delicious. This reminds me that I’ve failed to put up Alan’s recipes from his CDWM but I will do that asap. We’ll be announcing the winners of our Come […]

Come Dine With Me Food…yum!

mango cocktail

On Friday night, we were treated to a wonderful evening by Alan & Colette in our second Come Dinw With Me evening. I won’t say too much as the scores are all secret and I don’t want to give too much away. All I can say is that it was slightly more subdued than my […]



You may remember the reports of my strawberry starter and disasterous main course back in August, when we had Round One of our very own Come Dine With Me. The time is finally upon us for Round Two and this Friday it’s Alan and Colette’s turn to wow us with their culinary skills and hosting […]

Come Dine With Me Grub

cdwm folks

Aoife, Collette, Alan, Jocelyn and Alan (Niall behind the camera!) So, we had our first Come Dine With Me last Friday night.  Thanks for all the support on twitter!  It was a fun night. I’m only going to post the pics of what I cooked for Niall, Alan, Collette, Jocelyn and John.  I don’t want […]

Come Dine With Me


My menu for our first Come Dine With Me tomorrow night! Every Sunday between around 4.30pm and 7pm, I am at the most unproductive of my entire week.  This is entirely down to Come Dine With Me.  Oh, how I love it. Which is why I decided to get a few friends together and do […]