Blog Trips

World Piping Championships: Glasgow

breakfast in bed

Imagine the scene: in the early afternoon on Saturday, after breakfast in bed at The Carlton George Hotel, two visiting bloggers are wandering in the direction of Glasgow Green to visit The World Piping Championships.  It’s the first morning in the city so the visitors haven’t quite got their bearings and believe that they are […]

The Ubiquitous Chip: Glasgow

the wee pub

The Ubiquitous Chip on Ashton Lane, Glasgow Over the weekend, myself and Niall were treated to a delightful weekend in the very lovely Glasgow, courtesy of the good people at Visit Scotland, as 2010 is the Scottish Year of Food and Drink. Last Friday evening, following a short and stress-free flight over from Dublin, we […]

Point Village Market y’all


Check out this cool little video by Event Junkie about the Point Village Market, which launched last weekend.  It’s going to be a weekend market with 100 food, fashion and arts stalls – a fantastic addition to the lives of many a Dublin foodie/market go-er and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) there’s a pieminister stall.  Swoon! Head down […]

Oh no, Ochos!


Calamares (€6.50)- you lovely squiddy things, you. Actually, oh yes, Ochos! Whenever I see Tapas advertised here in  Dublin, I shudder.  It’s down to one too many crap meals in The Market Bar – which I do remember being very good a few years ago but has sadly gone downhill foodwise – and a trip […]

Feeding a Volcanic Crowd…

rain machine apres dinner

Lamb Lagoto with Roast Lemon Spuds and Veg Couscous Last Thursday night, myself and Niall went to see Rain Machine in The Academy.  During the set, lead singer Kyp Malone (also of TV on the Radio) talked about how the band were going to be stranded in Dublin because of the Volcanic Ash Cloud of […]

Munching Brunch in Secret…

croque madame

The Bar With No Name, The Secret Bar, No Name Bar or 3 Bar – whatever you want to call this word of mouth cocktail bar on Fade Street, it has indeed lost any of the secrecy it cleverly marketed itself on last year.  Located above L’Gueuleton on Fade Street, having no name outside and looking […]

What the Wasabi?!

wasabi kit kat

A few months back, a friend of Niall’s told him about the Jen Ken’s Kit Kat Blog, wherein all of the various mental flavours of Japanese Kit Kats are documented and critiqued by Jen, an American living in Japan. My sister, who lives in San Francisco, was working in Japan a week or two ago […]

Ard Bia at Nimmos

mini brekki

Pic taken from Ard Bia website We had the most joyous of nights in Galway last Saturday for the 2010 Irish Blog Awards.  Happily, Niall came away with the Best Music Blog award, leading to much merriment and supping and chatting and spontaneous singing and even a bit of rapping.  And that was just me. […]

2010 Irish Blog Awards!


The Irish Blog Awards always ends in tears… Tomorrow, jet lag and SXSW Flu not withstanding, I will travel with Niall to the Irish Blog Awards at the Radisson in Galway.  Niall is nominated for Best Irish Music Blog and hopefully he will return home victorious.  But I will still take him back to Dublin […]

Marmite: Let Me Count The Ways…

egg with jars in back

Apologies for those of you with Egg Fear – this pic is pretty graphic! As my regular readers will know, my relationship with Marmite has exceeded the expectations of how a person should feel about a condiment.  I’m not saying that I want to marry Marmite but I do feel that I’d be anxiety-riddled should […]