Sushi in NYC…sooooo good!

tomoe sushi outside

After a day of getting lost on the subway and listening to CMJ gigs at Pianos on Ludlow Street off Houston, one finds oneself wanting a good sushi.

Our friend Elanor had a place in mind which she had found by googling ‘good new york sushi’  Off we hopped in cab with another pal Dan to find Tomoe Sushi 172 Thomspon Street near the West Village in Manhattan.

tomoe sushi insidemad cat

Tomoe’s decor tells us that they are more interested in the food rather than pretentious water features and dim lighting.  It’s a no frills place when it comes to the room but wow, how they make up for any shortcomings with the amazing sushi.


We had a few edamame beans to munch on while waiting for our order.

miso soup

We also supped on some miso soup to get the belly ready for the sushi.  And we had a few delicious pork dumplings to whet the appetite.  So good.

pork dumplings

We shared a plate of sashimi, all of which tasted so light and delicious, and reallllly fresh.


We had a few different sushi pieces to share like the yellow tail and the tuna and avocado and a few other bits and pieces.  Totally yum.


It was a little pricey,  I suppose, as the whole lot came to $80.  But I think for what we had it was totally worth it.  And the locals know this too, as there was a queue forming outside the restaurant for a table as we were leaving.  Always a good sign.

Here’s another view of that sushi…yum!

view of sushi

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  1. Hello! hope yer havin an amazin time in new york the food looks AMAZING i had to stop looking at it coz it was making me so hungry :)
    talk to u wen u get back x x x x

  2. Hey Lorcs! We’re having the best time, this is the coolest place in the world. And we’ve had loads more yummy food that I’ll be putting up on the blog asap!


  3. I’m with that Lorcan guy – flipping starving right now

  4. I’m pretty much just going to gorge myself on seafood when I get home next week.

  5. Hey Ben – do definitely! We had so much fun hanging out with Norm, what a ledgebag. We went on a food tour of chinatown, I’m going to put up the pics this evening if I have time – we had the MOST amazing dim sum EVER. I’m back in Dublin now eating toast and drinking tea – I have to say I missed Irish butter. But now I miss NYC! Going to relive it by posting all my food pics!

  6. Mmmm looks good, where’d you learn how to make sushi? I just took a class at Sushi by Simon and learned so much! We ate, drank, and enjoyed good conversation. My wife bought the class for me as a gift on BuyWithMe NYC and got a really good deal on it. Here’s the link to the promotion in case you’re curious!http://b