Late Night Munchies at Veselka

peirogis on table

Late night munchies at Veselka in The East Village

New York City certainly never sleeps.  And we didn’t do much of that either while there.

We were over in NYC for the CMJ Music Festival, and Music from Ireland put on a showcase of 7 Irish bands in The Bowery Poetry Club last Thursday night.

Needless to say, it turned into a bit of a session, with a late night move to an Irish bar called Dempseys after midnight.

Around 4am we were in need of some serious food and a call for Peirogis was made.

We headed to Veselka on 2nd Avenue, the 24 hours a day home of “Ukranian Soul Food in the heart of the East Village”.

Peirogis are little dumplings that are either boiled or deep-fried and packed with a variety of savoury fillings.

peirogis upclose

I had the Goat’s Cheese and Arugula (aka rocket) Boiled Peirogis.  A good late night snack – lovely and salty as well, served with apple sauces.

deep fried peirogis

Niall had the selection of Deep Fried Peirogis, which were a mixture of all the available Peirogi types, with cheese and meat based fillings.

Great late night food at a reasonable price.  I’ve been told that the Peirogis are just as tasty to a sober palate, which is good news.

Highlight of our Veselka visit was our friend Norm setting us up with a pretty amazing condiment gif.  Rockit!

Norm Condiments Symphony

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  1. That gif is fantastic, I love it!

  2. Thanks Kristin! It’s pretty fab I must say. Couldn’t have done it without Norm.

  3. I have rightly and truly wee’d myself.

  4. We must have just missed you guys, we were there just before you that night/early morning!
    Glad you followed up on the recommendation! The peirogis there are yum, but did you try the borscht with challah bread? Kicks almighty ass.