An especially amazing breakfast at Dizzy’s Diner

dizzy's outside

I’m so very happy.  We’ve been eating so well here.  Upon recommendation of the Lo-Lu’s Kitchen gals, myself and Niall popped around the corner of our Brooklyn abode to Dizzy’s Diner on 511 15th Street.  Soooo glad we did.

The inside of Dizzy’s Diner is a bit Eddie Rocket’s like except with more garish colours if you can imagine.  So you’d probably look in the window and say naaaaa this place looks rubbish.  And you’d never know of the amazing diner treats that await inside.


Apart from all of the waiters and waitresses saying ‘You got it’ to every request, they had that special diner coffee, which is so comfortingly delicious in its own dishwatertasteness.

toast without syrup

I had the most beautiful Cinnamon and Spiced French Toast which I smothered in maple syrup.

toast with syrup

Niall had a delicious Dee Luxe Breakfast which had poached eggs, Canadian bacon, pancakes, toast and home fries.

dee luxe

All of this came to only $22.  Which was a steal.  The cheapest and quite possibly the best meal we’ve had in NYC!

Check it out if you’re in town.

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  1. Looks delicious, very jealous! I adore cinnamon, have to stop myself adding it to anything and everything

  2. arggghh……I cannot wait………looks so delish….cant use proper sentences….

  3. Hi Ciara, I too love the cinnamon!

    Hey Manuel – you’ll have a brilliant time, make sure you go to Katz’ Deli!

  4. Hurray – HURRAY – so glad you went, it’s great! Rayne had some of the best corned beef hash in the world there – the staff are mad enthusiastic. I reckon you could neck about 5 of those mugs of coffee and still fall asleep. Are you staying pretty close by?

  5. Hi Lu – I’m so glad you guys recommended this place, it was actually the best breakfast we had over there, it was so yum. And I loved the coffee – wish I had a mug of it right now! I wanted to buy some of those curvy deli coffee cups but couldn’t find any. Next time I go to NYC I’m sorting it out!

    We stayed really close to Dizzy’s, just near Park Slope with a friend. It was lovely, what a great little neighbourhood. If I lived in NYC I’d love to live somewhere around there. Manhattan is so amazing but you’d need a break from it after a while I think, and Brooklyn is so lovely and leafy and friendly. And I’d need to be close to Dizzy’s!