Mother of Minestrone!

It’s amazing how snow makes everything look so pretty.  What was once just a dirty old gutter and a wall with the worst graffiti ever are transformed into glistening icicle fuelled wonderments of beauty.

Of course, snow makes the commute home less appealing, if at all possible.  We’re having at least one friend stay on our couch for the night, for they are stranded in the city centre with no where to go.  Or at least nowhere that public transport can take them.

Good thing I made a massive pot of Chunky Minestrone Soup last night.  It was enjoyed by three unexpected guests last night, as well as by myself and Niall for our supper.  It has stretched to my lunch today, and will definitely be feeding our guests this evening.   So that’s about eight bowls of soup out of this recipe.

Here is the BBC Good Food recipe that I used.  A few cook’s notes:

  • Don’t be tempted to leave out the cabbage.  It absolutely makes this soup, with its crunchy healthiness like an instant vitamin boost.
  • Instead of using spaghetti for the pasta, I used three cheese filled Tortellini and it was absolutely rocking.
  • Don’t forget to serve with lots of parmesan.  There isn’t really a need for bread, as the pasta makes the soup a meal in itself, but a slice of crusty bread wouldn’t go completely amiss.

Get this one made – it’s a good one.

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  1. mmm nom nom nom. love the snow and the misspelled graffiti. hehehehe (I am your blog comment stalker today by the way, please forgive me!)

  2. If Gavin gets to eat this for dinner just because of the snow, I’ll be weally weally mad! Hehe. x

  3. Hey Sarah – snow is really unusual here in Dublin so it’s quite a novelty. Unless you’re stuck in traffic or without a way to get home of course. Then it’s just rubbish.

    Oh haiiiii chickenballsquish – I’m afraid he’s just had it for his dins. He seemed to enjoy it too – I’ll have to make it for you another time, delicious, if i do say so myself!

  4. Jhon! why? I really want to know who wrote it and why! I recently had to edit some copy for a website written by a woman who spelled her own name wrong, but her name was Jacqueline, which is kind of forgivable. John though! how do you get that wrong?!
    Soup looks yummy btw! great idea to use tortellini, like little cheesy dumplings, yum!

    Anna xxx

  5. I am Jhon.

  6. Oh hai Herons! The Jhon thing is pretty amazing. Was the graffiti artiste drunk? Illiterate? A bit of both? Who knows.

  7. It’s soup all the way this weather and that indeed looks like a good ‘un. I think I need me some minestrone action…