Fish for breakfast? Geddoudaheere!

But you know what, fish for breakfast/brunch is decidedly delicious.

I whipped up this Kedgeree by Rick Stein which I found over on, yes, that’s right the BBC Good Food website.  I’ve decided to ban myself from using the site for a whole week, as I think I should try broadening my recipe source horizons.  And also because @ivanvarian on twitter accused me of working on commission, hah!  I wish.  I’d eat my way through the whole site, I tells ya.

Kedgeree has such an interesting history which (for me anyway as I am strange) enhances the flavour.  It’s a dish that apparently originated in Scotland, but emigrated to India via the soldiers of The Great Brrritish Empire, and was embraced by the Indians themselves.   It then made the journey back home to the UK with the soldiers, and became a popular brunch option.

It’s an unexpectedly light meal, but also has enough substance to sooth a sore head on a Sunday.  Perfect.  I followed the Rick Stein recipe on BBC Good Food and it worked out perfectly.

  • I made it for two so I halved the ingredients.
  • I didn’t halve the 1/4 teaspoon amount of turmeric in the original recipe, and even then it wasn’t really enough.  The rice didn’t take on much of a colour, which was the only thing I was disappointed by.
  • The method Rick Stein outlined for cooking the rice was fantastic, leaving me with deliciously fluffy and moist rice.  I’ll definitely be using this the next time I cook rice, with or without the rest of the Kedgeree.

Yum, yum, in my tum.

Ooh, look at that lovely smoked haddock.  Beautiful.

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  1. Mmmmm kedgeree! I would happily eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think there must be a few variations on the recipe though, I use the mammy-in-law’s which has added bacon. Extra tasty!

  2. kedgeree is super awesome great….yum yum yum….

  3. Hey Catherine – I’m with you on that, good any time of day!

    Howya Manuel – it IS super awesome great!

  4. I really do like smoked fish with boiled eggs – must try for weekend brekkie instead of a fry – now there’s a healthy new year option – nice recipe thanks

  5. Definitely make this for weekend brekkie Lu, it’s just lovely, and you’re right, it is quite healthy!

    • yes, I agree that fish for breakfast is delicious! I love Rick Stein, we don’t see enough of him over here in the states… I must try this dish, never had it, but love the name and those eggs look absolutely gorgeous…

      • Hi Foodhoe! I’m only just coming round to Rick Stein – honestly, the method for making rice in the kedgeree recipe above is fab. I’ve made it since without the kedgeree fish and egg bit! Definitely give this one a go, it’s a keeper.

  6. mmmmmm… delicius.,,.,.