Christmas Eve Eve Dinner for two

Our Christmas Tree with Scotch Bonnet Chillis and our NY Taxi full of Santa and Shoppers

Having survived rather well at the Battle of Christmas Shopping 2009 today, myself and Niall had a Christmas Eve Eve Dinner this evening.  Recipes will follow when I’m a little less full of lovely Marks and Spencer Cava (2 bottles for €18 – *hic!*).

We had a starter of Quail Eggs, Pancetta, Lambs Lettuce and Dijon Mustard and Honey Dressing.

For the main we had Roast Pheasant with Lentils, Roast Spuds and a few rashers for goodwill.

Dessert was my favourite – Clafoutis.  This time round, I made it with strawberries, drizzled with double cream.

I hope you all have a delicious, food-filled and very Happy Holiday.  Cheers!

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  1. Christmas Eve Eve dinner, what an excellent plan (this was a la Nigel Slater, I presume?) Have a wonderful Christmas and continued happy eating!

  2. I tried my first quails eggs over xmas too – why they’re yum indeed, hope the rest of your holidays passes well

  3. Hi Spud – yesterday was the first evening since Christmas Eve Eve that I had a modestly sized dinner. Feel a little less groggy today! Our C.E.E. dinner was inspired by Nigel Slater, you’re exactly right!

    Hi Lucy – they’re gorgeous all right. Had a lovely holiday. My little brother got me She-Ra the movie which was verrrrry exciting. For the honour of Grey Skull! *sobs nostalgic tears*

  4. Happy New Year folks! and eh I’m back by the way at welldonefillet….

    whoop whoop!