Jamie’s Jool’s Favourite Stew

Boxty’s frying away…

I’ve been posting so many links to BBC Good Food of late that I felt I really ought to broaden my internet-recipe-source-horizons.  It’s just that the BBC is so reliable and wonderful, it really is the first place I look for inspiration.

Not moving too far out of my recipe-comfort-zone, I was recommended by @vparody to  check out this Jamie Oliver Beef Stew recipe.  I’m so glad I did.  It was totally amazing, and again, delicious warmed up the next day for lunch.

I followed the recipe exactly and it made enough for 4 generous portions.

Head over here for Jool’s Favourite Beef Stew by Jamie Oliver.

I Can Has Cook’s Notes:

  • I followed it pretty much to the T, but I left out the potatoes because I was going to serve it with the Boxty.  Thought that could  prevent a potato-overload-carb-coma.
  • Although Jamie recommends Beef Skirt (which my FX Buckley butcher informed me was a muscle part of the beef) I ended up using some Shoulder Stewing Beef.  After four hours in the oven at a low heat, it literally fell apart, so tender it was.  Delicious.

I also used Look and Taste’s neat website to make Boxty.  I went for the Donegal Boxty and they were yum!  Definitely give them a go.  Here’s the link for the recipe as well as a very useful instruction video.

Although the pic doesn’t really do it justice at all – here is the lovely stew!

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  1. Amazoballs indeed!! I do like the idea of the little spud cakes to go with the stew – darn it’s 9.30 in the morning and I want stew – oh dear

    • Hey Lu – yeah, the Boxty were lovely with the stew. It’s a shame those pics didn’t turn out a bit better as that stew really was tasty! As were the boxty! Pics made it look like something found in a pig trough :(