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cdwm folks

Aoife, Collette, Alan, Jocelyn and Alan (Niall behind the camera!)

So, we had our first Come Dine With Me last Friday night.  Thanks for all the support on twitter!  It was a fun night.

I’m only going to post the pics of what I cooked for Niall, Alan, Collette, Jocelyn and John.  I don’t want to tamper with their vision of me as the cool, collected hostess.  Which of course I was.

So once all their marks are in, I’ll post a further in depth look on the night (and day of cooking!) as well as the recipes etc.

strawberry champagne

Strawberry Champagne – with Proseco, obviously.  Recession, anyone?

strawberry salad

Strawberry, Halloumi and Parma Ham Salad

fishy leeky mess

Fishy Leeky Mess with Spudsyou can see how it got its name!

muscovada heaven

Muscovado Heavean with Amaretti Biccie

As soon as our neutral judge Fintan receives everybody’s scores, I will be posting a full disclosure on the night that was.  Including a video which may or may not include drunken dancing to Billy Ocean’s Get Out Of My Dreams and Into My Car

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  1. Who will win?? … I LOVE this!

  2. such a fab idea Aoife! Can’t wait to see the video (that Billy Ocean song is a choooon) :)

  3. Oh my God, mouth-watering. I’m starving just looking at the pictures. Swooooon!

  4. What a great Idea! Im definitely steeling this one! Now to find 4 friends of mine who can cook….

  5. Hey RPS! Oooh so glad this has coincided with your arrival to CDWM. Ours will probs take a bit longer than the TV programme, as round two won’t be til september sometime I think, between one thing and the other!! So glad you found CDWM, it’s amazing.

    Hi Aoife – it’s a good video, I have to say. Should be up soon!

    Hi Fiona – thanks! It was a really fun night I have to say and glad you think the food looks good :)

    Hi Rayne – definitely get your mates together to do this. It doesn’t matter if they can’t cook! What you could do is pair up a friend who can cook with a friend who can’t cook, you can do it in teams to relieve stress emotionally and financially! If you do it, let me know how you get on!

  6. Oh, what fun! Looking forward to the rest of the in-depth coverage! :)

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