I Can Has Cotswolds?

apples and cottage

I’m a bit late in the week posting these pics but I did so want to share them with you all.  Last weekend we headed to The Cotswolds for our friend Ben’s 30th birthday party.  We were in the quaint village of South Cerney in Gloucestersertereshire.  Yeah, not sure how to say it or spell it.  I move we stick with The Cotswolds.

red vine cottagehoney for sale

It was so stunningly sunny that it was difficult to capture it on camera, as you can see from the pic above.  That sign on the right says Honey for Sale, not Heroin for Sale.  Twould be an easy mistake to make.

Our hosts Ingela and Chris rocked.  We had a loooong boozy lunch of slow roasted leg of lamb (it had been in the aga overnight – swoon!), a spinach and feta pie, various salads and delicious bread and cheese.  All of this taking place in a lovely garden, soaking up the English Indian Summer sunshine.  Bliss!

birthday lunch spread
birthday lunch on a plate

We also had a pretty successful sleeveface by Anna:

anna as george michael

And the music was provided by Take That.  Erm…

take that and party

Before our lovely lunch, we headed into the nearby town of Cirencester and caught the Farmer’s Market.

Liz Hurley, one of the many celebrities who live in the area, was there launching her farm’s wares or summat.  There was much clicking of cameras and videoing on mobile phones.  There was also some clucking in our camp along the lines of ‘I’d like to see her farming in those stilletos’ etc.  Nice to see that Irish begrudgery travels well.

veg market view
veg marketveg market beets
veg market beansveg market pumpkins
veg market tomsveg market herbs
veg market marrowsveg market carrots
veg market ciderveg honey

There was much walking in the countryside too.   If you’ve never been over to this part of the world, do think of it for your next holliers.  It’s a short flight from Dublin to Bristol, then an hour’s drive, and it really is a lovely part of the planet.  Nice ale, too.

beautiful cotswolds house
weird fruit treeweird fruit tree close
lovely church
anna needs ben treebenanna
russian balm

Amazing Russian Balm flowers, which have exploding pods.  Hours of fun!


You talkin’ to me?  You talkin’ to ME?

A rather scary Gloucestereshiresre sheep.  I was intimidated anyway.  Maybe it was just the guilt of eating the slow roasted lamb the previous day.  Hmmm….

Haven’t made anything really exciting this week in the kitchen but have a few ideas for stuff to do over the weekend so….stay tuned!

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  1. oh that looks lovely – I lived in Bath for a few months during college – it was lovely – wasn’t quite the foody I am now, I think it may have been where I discovered smash!…… oh dear.

  2. That really does look beautiful, and delicious! I love farmers markets out in the country…

  3. Ahhh Aoife what a lovely trip!! Looks like a Grove Park Reunion!! :) Happy Days!!

  4. Best birthday ever. Miss you guys. I’ve been 30 for a week, and nobody cares anymore! :-) Except my father; he keeps warning me of imminent geriatry.

  5. Hi Lu – ewww smash! That’s the fake mash ain’t it? The Cotswolds is where it’s at. Lovely place.

    Hi Foodhoe – twas a lovely one all right. I loved those pumpkins in the pic above, if I hadn’t been flying Ryanair (rubbish budget airline) I would’ve brought one back to Dublin with me!

    Hi Aoife – it was like a Grove Park reunion. We had a good session with lots of singing and strumming, including my own drunken warblings. Yeah…just like Grove Park actually!

    Hey Ben! We were so glad to be a part of it, thanks again for having a birthday for us to celebrate, you old codger :) Looking forward to next year!