Woahhh…!!  A Super Mario Bento Box!!

For now, that’s all I have to say.  There was a lot more drinking than eating over last weekend and, although I made a fairly decent dinner tonight, I burned the bejaysus* out of my hand in the process and don’t think I can type about it at great length…for now!

*It should be noted that I’m a supreme babby and that my hand is not badly burned at all so please…I don’t deserve any sympathy.

Hope everyone’s doing well anyway.  Just wanted to say hello.

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  1. You have to love video game character food :)

  2. For sure! I would have killed for this lunch as a Mario obsessed pre-teen. Killed!

  3. No sympathy, huh, how about empathy? Great minds burn alike … while making the quesadillas for my party on Saturday, I burned myself 3 times! Once on the finger, and twice on my left arm … one of them really high up on my forearm. I was wearing a sleeveless top and bumped into a really hot cookie sheet. Ack! I could not be more dangerous in the kitchen!

    Which is all to say … I feel your pain … literally! :/

  4. I think I feel a little ill. Flash backs of Teddy bear hand & Corned Beef from my childhood.

  5. Oh Diva! Thanks for the empathy. Actually, Niall was very good, while I was whimpering/half screeching straight after the burn he was on the web looking for quick cures.

    We found that vinegar, of any kind, works. What you should do is run the burn under cold water for about five minutes and then put some vinegar on a cloth/teatowel and press it onto the burn for another five minutes.

    I didn’t do the cold water bit for a whole 5 minutes but I kept the vinegar on for ages and it was really soothing! And today the burn is completely fine so…it’s all good!

    Hope you had a similar burn antidote :)

    Haii Lottie – teddy bear HAND?! Bloody hell. And I thought corned beef was bad enough! :)

  6. Looooooooooads more charaben stuff over here – some of it totally mental!

    There’s a new sushi/bento place open on Liffey St since last week I think… dying to check it out.

  7. Hi Catherine – ooh brilliant. I’ll be sure to walk down Liffey Street later and keep my eye out for it. The bentos over on Anna The Red are ‘mazing!