We’re going to Australia!

A few months ago, myself and Niall were given the wonderous news that we were to go to Australia, courtesy of Tourism Australia.  This day next week, we will be leaving Dublin and heading to Melbourne.  We’ll be spending five days there, followed by five days in Perth.  And we will be blogging all the way!

I’m very excited about all of the various activities that the lovely folk at Tourism Australia have arranged for us.  Just to give you a little taste of some of the (quite amazing) things we’re in store for, follow the links below!

We’re going to be checking out music and food, so we’ll be going to lots of gigs and meeting up with a few folk from the Melbourne and Perth music scenes. We’ll be coming home to Dublin full of interviews for podcasts and, indeed, full of food!

We’re also heading to a wedding in Bordeaux this weekend (on Friday) which will most definitely feature a beautiful bride, a chuffed groom, a stunning chateaux and some amazing grub.  I will be bringing you details of that before our trip to Oz.  But for sure, the next couple of weeks over here on I Can Has Cook will be more about dining out than dining in.  I hope you enjoy it!


One of our activities in Perth is to go and visit the Western Australian Museum where they’re holding a Nick Cave Exhibition.  Here’s a live video of the man himself and the always incredible PJ Harvey singing Henry Lee together.   Class stuff.

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  1. How can you go all that way and not visit Sydney?? omg! the restaurants. the harbour. did I mention the restaurants?

  2. Hey Anna – I think we might have to make another trip back to see Sydney! But we’re very happy with Melbourne and Perth this time round. I’m really excited about eating and listening in those two cities. In fairness, it’s probably all we can take in 10 days! :)

  3. Oh man! This is going to be great-too much cool stuff planned AND cant wait to hear about all the food, too.

  4. Hi Sugarpie! Don’t worry, I’ll be keeping you updating the whole way!

  5. Wow!! I am a little green with envy (and a little pink from the sun) wow – have a great time, the food in Sydney is indeed great -sure it’s also great in Melbourne & Perth. The do especially interesting and different breakfast menus – have fun you lucky thing

  6. Oh EEFS that is super cool.

    Perth is such a deadly city with lots of interesting food. Oz has AMAZING Thai food, as well as Indonesian – and even awesome Greek food.

    There is the cutest little Govindas in Perth which at the end of the day gives away $1 curry and you get a great motley crew of homeless folk, students, backpackers and hippies queing up and sitting on the pavement outside tucking in. Its totally worth checking out for the experience – its deadly!!

    I hope you enjoy Oz… its a great place. :)

  7. Such news – I’m here (very slowly) trying to catch up on blog reading after my jaunt over to the US and hearing about your upcoming trip makes me want to go off gallivanting again! Oz is my spiritual home away from home and I’m sure you will love it there. Melbourne is one excellent city for food (greek, vietnamese, italian, you name it) and, as for the Queen Vic market, it would probably be worth emigrating just to be able to shop there every day :) Look out for Grinders coffee when you’re there – I also had one of the best almond croissants ever in that market. I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about it!

  8. Hi Lola-Lu! Hope you didn’t get too sunburnt! Really looking forward to the brekkies now. And the lunches. And the dinners. And indeed, the snacks!

    Thanks for the tip Ciara, if we have the time I will try and give Govindas a peek, it sounds like an experience all right.

    Hi Spud! Hope you had a great time in the US, was loving your away from home posts. I will most certainly pick up a Grinders coffee if I can! :)

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  10. How on earth did ye land that you jam tarts!!!! If Tourism Japan are reading this, SEND ME TO JAPAN! I’ll clean toilets, change nappies and counsel junkies if I have to! haha.

    I hope you both have a wonderful time, and I couldn’t think of nicer people for this amazing trip to happen to. Sneak me home a Koala :P x

  11. In Melbourne, Queen Victoria Markets are wonderful for food, they had night markets there for a while, not sure if they still run now. In Perth they have night markets with live music, not bad. Couple decent record stores in Melb centre and St Kilda, a short tram ride away. Chapel Street is cool for cafes and restaurants. Be sure and pick up a copy of VICE Magazine, free in most record stores. Other than that, have fun, Melbourne is a wonderful city, I lived at Little Collins Street there for 5 months- very sad to leave..

  12. myleftventricle – Tee hee!!! Thanks, lady. Hope you do get to go out to Japan. Don’t know if I can bring back a REAL koala but….I’ll see if I can pick up a teddy or two!!

    Hi Eddie – hope you’re doing well on your travels, thanks for all the advice about Oz! The night gigs in the markets sound beautiful :)

  13. I just want to go to Kerry and swim with Fungi before he dies. Are you reading THIS Irish Tourism Board?? Fungi could be dead AND get no blog exposure.

  14. Adam – hah! You’re right though, Fungi is not being properly represented on blogs or twitter. Get on that, sir!

  15. wow! I’m going to have to do some posts on barbecueing. do have any more of those free passes I wonder?! :)

    Love Nick Cave, enjoy the trip.


  16. Sounds like a fabulous trip! Have the Best Time Ever! :D

  17. Hi Conor, thanks for visiting the blog, and definitely, get BBQing! Your blog looks positively edible, thanks for commenting and bringing to my attention that I’ve neglected to put you up on the blogroll! Your latest fishcakes look amaaaaazing! And btw, I had a truly delicious toasted special in Grogan’s in Dublin last night. The perfect partnership to one of the best pints of Guinness in town. Yum!

    Thanks Pastry Chef!!

  18. Wow fantastic!!! Take copious notes and LOADS of pics! Promise? xx

  19. Hi English Mum – will do!!

  20. OMG, how exciting! Congrats to you both and have a wonderful time!!! I know you will. :)

  21. Thanks Diva! We’re getting really excited about it now, two days to go til take off!

  22. Hi Aoife, only noticed your comment now. I’ve put a your link in my blogroll also, keep up the good work, love the photos.

    Been reminiscing at your photos of Fremantle and Perth. Takes me back.