What the Wasabi?!

A few months back, a friend of Niall’s told him about the Jen Ken’s Kit Kat Blog, wherein all of the various mental flavours of Japanese Kit Kats are documented and critiqued by Jen, an American living in Japan.

My sister, who lives in San Francisco, was working in Japan a week or two ago and I sent her a link to the blog to make sure she was fully aware of the Kit Kat possibilities.

And guess what arrived at my doorstep today from herself?

A box of Wasabi Kit Kat bars!!

What the WHAT?!?

They have a fabulously light-green hue, and taste curiously of English Mustard.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about them yet, but the novelty is certainly going to take a while to wear off.


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  1. I love the wasabi I do. Bagsy a bar?!?

  2. OH, I won’t be able to eat it til Sunday though.

  3. Hah hah! Course you can have a bar.

    Wait…are you really off choc for Lent? That’s very retro of you :)

  4. Oh wow that sounds excellent! Love the Kit Kat chunky’s and did a double take when I saw this!! Not a flavour I would have thought of but it does sound intriguing.

  5. Intriguing is the word, Tim!

  6. Hey Chris – they do taste weird but the novelty still hasn’t worn off!

  7. maybe wasabi and dark chocolate – but milk chocolate? hmmmm

  8. I have a Ginger beer flavour Kit Kat at my desk at the moment . I bought it by mistake in Tokyo thinking the Kit Kat was green tea flavour.
    Anything with wasabi in it is fine by me.

  9. Hai Lucy – yeah, they’re totally weird!

    Hi Cacamillis – thanks for stopping by the blog! I think my sister may have mistaken these for Green Tea kit kats too. But to be honest, I’m kind of glad she did! They’re enchantingly odd.

  10. All the best because of it putting up, guys, maintain in the exceptional operate