The Marmarati

Marmite: Let Me Count The Ways…

egg with jars in back

Apologies for those of you with Egg Fear – this pic is pretty graphic! As my regular readers will know, my relationship with Marmite has exceeded the expectations of how a person should feel about a condiment.  I’m not saying that I want to marry Marmite but I do feel that I’d be anxiety-riddled should […]

The Marmarati…

marmite jar

Behold! The Yeasty Elixir! With the Marmite Haters Soldiers fighting it off as well as my Marmite earrings to the right… Gather round, friends, for I have something of the utmost secrecy and overwhelming importance to share with you. Before you read on, I must ask you a solemn question. Marmite: Do you love it […]