Munching Brunch in Secret…

The Bar With No Name, The Secret Bar, No Name Bar or 3 Bar – whatever you want to call this word of mouth cocktail bar on Fade Street, it has indeed lost any of the secrecy it cleverly marketed itself on last year.  Located above L’Gueuleton on Fade Street, having no name outside and looking like the entrance into someone’s house, word of its exclusiveness spread throughout town while people flocked to drink in a place that was ‘secret’.  Clever stuff.

So, now we all know it’s there and serves exceedingly good cocktails, we’re totally over it.  I mean, what’s the fun in going to a place that everyone now knows is cool?  That would be LAME.

We all know when things/places/bands become popular, it’s time to jump ship and find a new obscure hangout.  Like an old man’s pub somewhere near a city centre Dart station, where the deceptively crumpled exterior gives way to delicious Guinness and a bartender who loves Krautrock.  Oh, if only a place like that existed…

In saying all this, a girl’s gotta eat.  And so against my better judgement, I got off my hipster high horse and decided to give Brunch at No Name a go last Saturday afternoon.

The brunch menu, with around 10 options, includes pretty much everything you need for a straightforward weekend brunch – it has the old faithfuls of Eggs Benedict and Florentine, while offering some more unusual alternatives such as The Black Pudding Croquettes.  I believe there were two vegetarian options – a Mushroom on Toast and the Eggs Florentine.

Being a great place for cocktails, I had to give The Bloody Mary (€8.50) a go.  It didn’t disappoint in hangover-busting spiciness, although I was disappointed by the absence of a celery stick.  Boo.  This, however, did nothing to stop me from ordering a second glass of the stuff.  Zang.

I decided to go for The Black Pudding Croquettes (€9.50) served with a crunchy apple salad with a Mustard Vinaigrette, reported on the menu to be served with Tomato Relish.

Now, although the plate I was served had tomato ketchup – not even homemade but Heinz Ketchup for goodness’ sake - on the side and NOT ‘tomato relish’, it didn’t take away from the guilty-pleasure deliciousness of The Black Pudding Croquettes.  They were lovely and crispy, and so well paired with the crunchy apples.

Niall went for the overwhelmingly lush Croque Madame (€9.50) – basically a toasted eggy ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top.

We got some chips (€4.00) on the side, just to be bold.  What the hell, it was a Saturday.

Overall, it was a good value brunch, with the total bill coming to €45.00 – this included two Bloody Marys at €17.00 for 2, a coffee and a lemonade – with laid-back service and a perfect atmosphere for reading the papers on a free afternoon.  Best of all, the food was yum.  Heinz Ketchup incident notwithstanding, I’ll definitely be visiting the Secret/No Name/3 Bar for brunch again.  Even if it isn’t cool anymore.

Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays between 1 and 4pm at 3 Bar on 3 Fade Street, Dublin 2.  Check it out.


One thing I will say – they were playing THE WEIRDEST music over brunch.  It was clearly some sub-par World Music compilation bought in a charity shop, featuring Musaqy tabla-drenched bangra followed by generic Cafe Del Mar ambient drivel.  Bah!

If they insist on playing World Music (what does that term even mean anyway?!) someone should turn them on to Daler Mehndi in the Secret Bar so they can modernise, nay, revolutionise, their background brunch music.  Observe below.

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  1. ha ha – yes if only a place like that did exsist
    If only a place like that existed and also served toasties out of plastic bags then I’d die of happiness and possibly never leave

    that brunch looks great – I like the idea of the croquettes with black pud – I’d go pretty much anywhere for a nice brunch

    • Heyyyy….are we talking about the same imaginary place? :)

      This was a pretty good spot for lunch, it has to be said. And the black pudding croquettes were yumtastic!

  2. That imaginary bar is my favourite imaginary bar in dublin. Say no more or we will ruin it for everyone!Wow, you have made me really crave a pint there now. And also brunch.
    Brunch is the best meal of the day so Ill definitely be checking out the secret bar a la weekend. Thanks Aoife!

  3. I ended up there with Sven one night. I also remember strange music, though I just really like the space. Nice and open.

  4. Whatever about brunch, I will be using that video as the soundtrack to my day! I feel that something funky and Indian may just emerge from my kitchen as a result :)

  5. Hi Chelsea – yeah it’s a lovely room, but it has become a bit poncy in the last 6 months or so. The brunch was kicking though – I think it’s a great spot for a cheeky afternoon cocktail!

    Hey Spud – yeah, Daler Mehndi is totally amazing. Glad it’s inspired you in a culinary way too!

  6. That croque madame looks painfully delicious. The only thing that could make me lose my appetite is the Leader’s Debate I’m listening to right now.

  7. We went today on your recommendation and ended up having the same 2 dishes. Both were very good, and they even served me real tomato relish! They gave us wedges instead of those delicious-looking chips you had, but that just means we’ll have to go back another day and hope for fries :) Thanks for the review.

  8. Yo Benny – the croque madame was huge as well, not sure if you can see the proportions in that pic!

    Hi Conor – thanks for visiting the blog, I’m glad you enjoyed the brunch and very happy to hear you got some REAL tomato relish :)