Can’t Believe I Made This At Home

Ham Egg and Chips-6

Perhaps a more appropriate title for this post would be I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Made This At Home Before. Ham. Egg. Chips. One of my most favourite indulgences ever. There is something deliciously childish about dipping your chips into the runny yolk of the egg. And then mixing those flavours with the sweetness of […]

Steak Dinner for Two

Steak Dinner

James Whelan’s Butchers striploin steak, as purchased in Avoca Monkstown Aren’t dinners that are fuss-free to prepare yet taste positively luxurious the best? A Sunday or two ago, I whipped up this extremely quick dinner made up of few bits and pieces that were lurking in the fridge. I’m not sure where the inspiration for the […]


Red Cabbage Sausage Bake-2

Most of us would agree that some ingredients inspire more than others. If I think of a butternut squash, at least five delicious ways of preparing one comes to my mind instantly. Or the versatile spud, for instance. There are countless delicious things to do with our friend the potato. But cabbage…? Often seen as […]

Molly’s American Stuffing

Stroud Thanksgiving-2

Thanksgiving has an awful lot to be said for it. Here are my main thoughts on it. It’s a secular holiday, meaning it’s all inclusive. That is very good. Leading to my next point… Everyone can enjoy it without feeling pangs of hypocritical guilt. It gives people an excuse, or a reminder even, to take […]

Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower

I’ve remarked on this blog how cauliflower and broccoli were vegetables I struggled with, due to their mistreatment by the cooks at the boarding school I ate in for four years. It was often a case of “Please sir, don’t give us any more” when it came to the sodden mush formerly known as vegetables […]

Sweet Crab on Toast

Sweet Crab on Toast

This year in Ireland, we seem to have gotten our autumn in November. Usually October here is full of blue skies and chilly days spent wrapped up in scarves while the leaves change colours in the trees. It’s lovely, and has always been my favourite time of year here. 2011, however, has had ideas of […]

It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than Chilli

Chilli and Sweet Potato

Regardless of whether you like to refer to it as chili or chilli, cupping your hands around a big bowl of spicy tomato-based bean-rich stew has got to one of the most comforting things to do. EVER. I endeavour to spend a substantial amount of time perfecting my chilli recipe. I’ve made lots of good […]

Kale Pesto: A Revelation

Kale Pesto

Holy smokes, people. Today I took another step down the Pesto Road of Flavour and stumbled upon an incredible form of blitzed-up greens. That’s right, friends. Kale pesto. I love kale, and have enjoyed it in soups and with anchovies. I have lots of friends who like kale too, including Sharon Gunter over on Gunter […]

Pork and Cabbage Hot Pot

Pork and Cabbage

I’m under the impression that bacon and cabbage is not the most favoured combination for many an Irish person. I didn’t grow up on it, personally, but I think there are many folk who had unpleasant experiences with it as childers. So when we see our stateside friends getting excited about bacon and cabbage around […]

Curiously Scrumptious Thick Chickpea Soup

Pasta e Ceci

My good friend and past flatmate Ben has always been a great sharer when it comes to recipes and foodie passion. After posting my minestrone recipe using the teeny tiny Ditalini Rigati, Ben emailed me a Jamie Oliver recipe for Pasta e Ceci, translated as Pasta with Chickpeas. It turned out to be the most curiously scrumptious and thick soup. […]