Rainbow Couscous

Rainbow Couscous

I’m feeling very into my old standard quick-fix suppers at the moment. It’s been a gloriously busy couple of weeks, in all the right ways. Throughout all the activity, I’ve been happy to have a few quick and easy suppers up my sleeve, ready to be pulled out when a hunger pang has hit. Couscous […]

Student Food Revisited

Pasta with pesto and tomatoes

I’m sure I’m not alone in having survived my college years on a diet of pasta and pesto. The most essential items in my measly weekly shop in the early 2000s was a packet of value brand pasta and a jar of cheap and processed pesto. I sparingly added a dollop of pesto to my […]

A Minestrone Super Soup

Minestrone Style Soup

Sometimes there’s nothing like a bit of soup to take the bite out of the autumn air. Minestrone soup is one of my favourite winter-warmers, because you can squeeze in loads of yummy veggies and you get to eat pasta at the same time. I love using tortellini in minestrone, as it makes a really hefty meal of it. […]

Spiced Soup: Jamaican Style

Jamaican Spiced Soup-3

A bit of peppery heat goes a long way at this time of year… My Twitter and Instagram buddies may be aware that I’ve recently taken up a new hobby on Saturday mornings. To my absolute bubbling-over joy, I’ve started taking horse-riding lessons at Ashtown Stables near the Phoenix Park. Last Saturday, I thought I […]

All Day Breakfast

Beetroot Hash

I’ve proclaimed my love for meals that work as breakfast, lunch and dinner on this blog before. When I was a kid, we always had cornflakes at night for supper. I think this might be an Irish thing. None of the other kids on the compound I grew up on in Saudi Arabia had cereal […]

Spinach and St Gall Pasta Bake

Spinach and Gruyere Pasta Bake

Recently over on the seriously droolsome Edible Ireland, Kristin featured an Irish Farmhouse Mac and Cheese which had me craving this classic. After a bit of a heavy weekend at the Hard Working Class Heroes festival in Dublin, however, I wasn’t sure if I should really  indulge myself in a three-cheese wonder of gooey delight. […]

BFFs: Kale and Anchovy

Kale and Anchovy Pasta-2

Yup. Still on the anchovy buzz. This is a recipe I found a few months back and have made it the couple of times in between that I’ve found myself with an abundance of kale. Kale is one of my favourite brassicas (ya brasser!) but I’m not sure if they’re to everybody’s taste. They can […]

Fancy and Frugal Pancetta and Sage Mackerel

Anchovy and Raisin Pasta

It’s not often that you find a cheap meal that is simple to make and results in a posh-nosh filled plate. My lovely friend Anna mentioned the combination of mackerel, bacon and sage when she was visiting us from the UK last week. I found this recipe and used it as a template for my […]

Anchovies Are Our Friends

Anchovy and Raisin Pasta

When it comes to the music I listen to, if a song catches my ear I’ll (borderline) obsessively listen to it again and again. I do this until I feel like I’ve understood and consumed everything there is to be understood and consumed about it, often ignoring other music in favour of it. I’ve been […]

Deliciously Stuffed Butternut Squash

Stuffed Butternut Squash

I love it when autumn rolls in and the focus turns to butternut squashes (squashi?). Perhaps the loveliest of all squashland, these sweet yet subtle beauties can be made into a bevvy of tasty suppers. I found this recipe for a spicy stuffed butternut squash the other day on Delicious Magazine’s rather lovely website. I […]