Come Dine With Me


My menu for our first Come Dine With Me tomorrow night!

Every Sunday between around 4.30pm and 7pm, I am at the most unproductive of my entire week.  This is entirely down to Come Dine With Me.  Oh, how I love it.

Which is why I decided to get a few friends together and do our own Come Dine With Me.

Tomorrow night, I will be hosting the first of three nights, and as you can see from my menu above, I’m going for a light summery menu which will hopefully be delicious (and stress free!).

My guests are our friend Alan and his lovely lady Collette, my friend Jocelyn and Alan’s friend John.  Tomorrow night will be the first time I’ve met John, and it will be the first time that Jocelyn has met Alan, Collette and John.  So we all have a stranger to please and woo with our sensational hosting skills.

Oh, gleeee! I’m really excited now.

I’ll be cataloguing the trials and tribulations of each night and of course we will be scoring each other’s nights based on presentation, ambience and food.  I might even try to do a few videos but, we’ll see what happens.

Stay tuned for details on how Friday night goes.  Wish me luck!

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  1. I’m so jealous!! Good luck luck luck. x A

  2. Why, thank you Ailbhetross! I think we should start a Dublin League CDWM. You could get 5 of your mates together and then the winner from my group could go against the winner from your group until we have a massive semi final etc etc!

  3. I’m pretty addicted to that show myself. It’s impossible to watch just one installment, so two hours is a pretty big investment for a cookery show. (I’m loving Rick Stein’s new show aswell, set in South-East Asia…)

    Your dishes sound intriguing! You seem to be going down the cheeky route, a la Gordon Ramsay’s Maze. Are you going to publish the recipes?

    Nice hat, by the way………… :)

  4. haha can’t wait to see the photos – fishy leek mess, sounds great. Enjoy, I’ll let you know if we manage to organise our own group and then we can do a league for sure

  5. I wanna do a CDWM! It sounds so fun! And I am addicted to the show.

  6. No need for luck. It was a resounding success. Cheers for a great night.

    We should rename it to Come Drink Ludicrous Amounts of Vino In Me Gaff.

    The food was top-drawer!

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  8. Great idea. Might have to try that one.

    Bit sweary, but this is quite funny on a CDWM theme…

    • LOVE IT! So true. I saw the CDWM last night when the lady’s snake pooed on her table. One of the grossest things I’ve seen on telly.

  9. Hello there

    Your Come Dine With Me dinner parties sound fantastic. Have you heard about Come Dine With Me Homemade? If you’ve hosted a dinner party and taken photos on the night, you can come to the site, upload your photos and create your own mini-episode to share (on Facebook or here on your blog). Amazing prizes for the best.

    Good luck!

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