A Daily Spud’s Spud Cakes

The Daily Spud’s Cumin and Cayenne Pepper Potato Farl with poached egg as eaten by I Can Has Cook?

Moving back up the Food & Drink (sponsored by Bord Bia) longlist for the Irish Blog Awards we find ourselves in The Daily Spud territory.

The Daily Spud is one of the blogs I look at the most often, as Aoife Daily Spud’s love for the humble spud is truly infectious.  She’s a fantastic writer, a wonderful food photographer and a lovely lady to boot.  And she gave me some surplus produce from her very own vegetable garden.  They made such delicious food.

She’s also been a great source of advice for me personally.  As a nervous beginner cook, it really is great to have someone like Aoife on the other end of Twitter to question about flour types, pastry fails and how to achieve the perfect mashed potatoes.

It’s been a year now that I’ve been eating vicariously through her Daily Spud pictures, after we met at last year’s Blog Awards wherein she won Best Irish Food Blog.  But in all that time, although I’ve promised myself many times, I’ve never actually gotten round to cooking anything from her blog.  Well, that all changed this morning for Sunday brunch.

Obviously, I had to go for a potato based recipe, and what is better on a Sunday than Potato cakes, or And So I Watch You From a Farl as Niall has dubbed them.

I followed The Daily Spud’s Potato Farl recipe to the t, although I didn’t add the cumin seeds to the dough mixture.  I ended up just sprinkling the already toasted seeds over the top of the uncooked dough and pressing them in with my hands. Along with the hint of cayenne pepper, they added such a deliciously exotic flavour to the traditional potato cake.

Also, I didn’t roll them out quite thin enough, as The Spud had advised, which meant I needed to cook them for longer on a lower heat so they cooked through.  My bad.

The mixture made a lot for 2 people, and would be just enough for 3.  Aoife Spud allowed room for non-traditional potato cake shapes in her recipe so I thought I’d go for the hearts, and, sure, why not?

We slathered a bit of butter on each of them, and had a poached egg on top.  We should really have fried it but we’re trying to cut down on bold stuff like that in this house.

Paired with a hot pot of tea, this was a totally kick ass brunch.  Yum.

Head to The Daily Spud for the full recipe.


In honour of Niall’s name for our Farls – And So I Watch You  From A Farl – below is a track from the outstanding Belfast band, And So I Watch You From Afar.  Love them.

Set Guitars to Kill by ASIWYFA on The Hype Machine

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  1. And I thought I did well with Spanish omlettes, holy moly they look so good.

    • Thanks Alan – I’m sure your Spanish omlette was yumzers. The potato cakes were really tasty actually and not at all difficult to make. Head to The Daily Spud for the full recipe and try them next weekend! :)

  2. Just look at those lovelies – heart-shaped ‘n’ all. You’ve done me proud and I’m blushing from your kind words – not to mention hungry for some of those watch-you-from-a-farls myself!

  3. I think I will, I’ve book marked the page for next week. Seeing as I’m off bread it might just replace my french toast habit.

    Just made the best roast loin of pork with apples, crackling and spicey braised cabbage. It took over two hours to prepare and cook and less than the first track on the new Eluvium album to eat (5m 42s). Absolute sows, we need company to eat with manners.

    • Oh do make them next week! And my GOD your loin of pork sounds amazing. It’s so funny when food disappears like that after it’s taken so long to cook! Next time you make the loin, we’ll come over and keep your manners in check :)

  4. Oh, Aoife – they look delish. Wishing we had of called over today instead of yesterday now! Although, the flapjacks were absolutely gorgeous. I had to force myself to not eat them all. Couldn’t put them down. Hehe x

    • Heh heh thanks for helping us eat the flapjacks – I’m actually making another batch to bring in to work tomorrow, they’re so easy! My baking has been revolutionised by oats.

      Our late night trip to Eddie Rockets was awesome too – god damn those malts, they’re good shit at 2am.

  5. Yes of course McMeister, that was an invite in disguise. Next Sunday might be good, we’ll sort it out.

  6. It was sooo good. All I wanted today was a big chocolate malt. Nom! I’ll send you the picture of you and Niall with your mini-burgers.

    I’m sure your students will love the flapjacks. I’m definitely going to try them, and the spud cakes. Too much food, too little time. =) x

  7. Hey Aoife – it’s Monday morning and I would give my left arm to eat those for my breakfast

  8. Hi Chickenballsquish – the flapjacks were super easy, as were the potato cakes. And both delivered big time on flavour! Yum!

    Hi Lucy – hope you found a lovely breakfast in the end :)

  9. Aoife,these look so tasty and i’m yearning for a plate of them with a mug of tea

    • You should whip them up over there in Canada – they’re super easy and the Daily Spud’s recipe is brilliant. Go for it!

  10. You’re so… faaaaarl away…

    Kill me and my dire sense of humour. Can I have a farl please when I’m in Dublin? I loves me some potato farls. Loves ‘em.

  11. That was a reference to Carol King, by the way. Just realised that music doesn’t travel via the typed word. Duh.

    • Hey Ben – love your Carol King Farl rendition. I love Carol King – did you know she sang the theme song for Care Bears The Movie? She did! I think that’s when I started to really like her.

      You should totally make these – follow the Daily Spud’s recipe, totally brillers and TOTALLY yum. I’ll most certainly try to make them for you when you’re over :)

  12. We’re making these on sunday, fo shizzle! Ideally Ben will make them while I cut up Saturday’s Guardian magazine for falsemodesty.wordpress.com and then I’ll eat them and do the drying after he’s washed up. Domestic bliss! xxx

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