Scones – as in “Cone” or “John”?

scone opened on board

Well, in my family, we’ve always called them scones as in “John” and I was surprised to hear someone pronouncing them as in “cone” for the first time.  A quick search on wikipedia assures me that the “cone” pronunciation is recognised but it seems that the Scots – who invented these little beauties in the […]

Butternut Squash Muffins: Shut Up That’s Awesome

muffins on plate

At the end of a fairly awful week for everybody here in Ireland, it was nice (for me personally) to be reminded through American friends that it’s important to give thanks for the small things. Despite economic meltdowns,  I for one am very thankful for my wonderful family, BF and friends.  Duh. Amidst a long […]

Val’s Flapjacks

flapjacks done

Moving on non-consecutively and purely randomly down the Food & Drink Blog longlist (sponsored by Bord Bia) for The Irish Blog Awards, I spotted these delicious looking Flapjacks on Val’s Kitchen.  I knew I’d have a bit of time to get these together on a Saturday afternoon, as well as having all the necessary ingredients […]

A Pastry Lesson with Jocelyn


So, in an attempt to overcome my recent Pastry FAIL, I decided to have a pastry lesson with my beautiful and wonderful friend Jocelyn.  She’s the type of cook who only uses recipes as a starting point and just follows her nose from there.  She’s bleedin’ brilliant. So I went over to Joc’s new place […]