Val’s Flapjacks

Moving on non-consecutively and purely randomly down the Food & Drink Blog longlist (sponsored by Bord Bia) for The Irish Blog Awards, I spotted these delicious looking Flapjacks on Val’s Kitchen.  I knew I’d have a bit of time to get these together on a Saturday afternoon, as well as having all the necessary ingredients in the house!

Val’s Kitchen is run by Val, a Limerick born and based journalist, whose foodie musings appear in the taste-making Bridgestone Guide To Irish Food.  Bet that’s a torturous job. NOT.

This flapjack recipe was flawless.  It was my first time making flapjacks, and as my regular readers will know, my history with baking disasters could have certainly taken the flap out of the jacks.*  I followed Val’s recipe exactly – except I only put them in my oven for 15 minutes as it is like the centre of the earth in there, so hot – and they turned out perfectly.  FYI I used honey instead of golden  syrup and I used light muscovado brown sugar.

I teach two absolutely adorable Mongolian children extra English on Saturday afternoons so they were delighted when I arrived with a few freshly baked flapjacks earlier today.  Certainly made the prospect of learning on a Saturday a little sweeter.  So thanks for that, Val!

Head over to Val’s Kitchen for the full recipe.

I enjoyed my flapjacks with some afternoon tea, sipped from my favourite china cups.

Ah, go on, let’s have a closer look…

Yum! Head to Val’s Kitchen to make your own :)

*No, I’m not sure what I mean, either.


Below is a link to Joanna Newsom’s Sprout and The Bean on The Hype Machine, as it’s been in my head all day.  It appeared on one of my favourite albums of ALL time The Milk Eyed Mender, released way back in 2004.

I’ll never forget the first time I heard this song, feeling very low on a bus going through Harlem, NYC.  It cheered me up no end and since then I listen to it if I need to calm down, STAT.  Imagine the effect of listening to this while supping on tea and munching on a flapjack?  I’m sooooo chillwave right now.

Sprout & The Bean – Joanna Newsom on The Hype Machine

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  1. Those flapjacks look amazing. And I love your teacup. Brilliant all round.

  2. OMG they look fabulous. I could almost kid myself that they’re healthy! :o)

  3. Hi Ben – why, thank you! Tis my granny’s china, finally getting some good use :)

    Hello English Mum! Thanks for stopping by, hope everything’s going well now that you’re back in your homeland. But I don’t know what you mean about kidding yourself that these are healthy – I mean, they’ve got oats, ain’t they? Healthy? Tick :)

  4. I was just reading Molly Wizenberg’s latest column for Bon Appétit magazine last week and it was about flapjacks, and now you posted a recipe for them too – I’m taking it as a sign that they’ll be made in my kitchen in the near future!

    • Totally a sign! I’m making more now tonight to bring into work – they’re so quick and easy AND delicious. Perfect!

  5. Hi Aoife
    How nice to see that you not only made the flapjacks, but that you wrote about it and took all those great photos. I’m chuffed and me cockles are warmed, it’s what blogging is all about. Thanks missus

    • Hi Val – seriously, thank YOU! They were such lovely flapjacks, and so easy to make. My second batch went down a treat today at work – soothed a few grumpy Monday heads, including my own!

  6. Aoife, I made these this past weekend and they were incredible and so easy to pull together. One of these with a cup of tea is my new favourite match made in heaven.

    • I’m so happy you went for them – they’re amazing aren’t they?? Who knew flapjacks could be so stress-free?! I’ve made them twice since my first batch, they’re the best. Quick, easy, cheap and DELICIOUS. Yum!

  7. These flapjaks are making my mouth water. They’d make a perfect little snack, although I’d probably do the lot in one sitting!

    • Going through the whole lot in one go has been known to happen in our house! Haven’t made these for ages actually, must make another batch asap. YUM!