The Dramatic Chipmunk – a true internet classic – as everyone knows The Irish Blog Awards is full of drama. Oh, lolcatz.

Woahhhh! I Can Has Cook? has made it to the shorter longlist for The Irish Blog Awards.  The blog has made it into the Best Food/Drink Blog and Best Newcomer Category.  I’m tickled pink and as happy as a chubby kid in a tub of taffy.

Congratulations to everyone on the lists, best of luck to you all, big thanks to the sponsors Bord Bia and Below are the complete longlists – get clicking and spread the hit-love y’all!

Here is the longlist for the Best Food/Drink Blogs sponsored by BordBia:

Here is the longlist for Best Newcomer sponsored by

Sponsored by

Thanks again to everyone involved in The Awards, and a big shout out to Damien and his Super Blog Team.

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  1. Well done I Can Has Cook?! I feel that this is YOUR year and you can start competing with Mr. 9 on the trophy shelf.

    Who do you think would win in a fight: the Dramatic Chipmunk vs the Sneezing Panda?

    • I should have said that The Dramatic Chipmunk was a special nod to you, False Modesty. I think The Dramatic Chipmunk would kick sneezing panda’s butt, altho the sneezing would give the Chipmunk a fright.

      Thanks for your faith in me, you previously-scantily-clad-now-sensibly-dressed magazine cut-out you!

  2. YAY YAY YAY well done Aoife!! Very, very well deserved! SO delighted for you! :D
    Well done to all the nominees, ye all rock xx

  3. awesome Aoife – yeah you need to balance out that trophy shelf alright! We’re on there too – great news!

  4. Congratulations. You deserve it.Super blog. I can’t quite see how I made it this far but I am thrilled to bits. Good luck x

  5. Hi Aoife – thanks a million! This time next year it’ll be Adventures in Veg :)

    Hi Lucy – congrats to you guys too, awesome!

    Hi Rhyleys Granny – thanks so much, and congrats to you too! Your blog is delicious so I’m not surprised at all that it’s on the list :)

  6. I ‘found’ your blog through the Blog Awards list and am delighted to have done so. :)

    • I found yours through the longlist too and am currently perusing your archives as well – best thing about the blog awards is all the lovely blogs that are brought to your attention!

      Congrats on your nomination and hope to meet you in Galway :)

  7. You so so so so so so rock. And here’s to you: