Whole Roast Sea Bream

I felt today that enough time had passed for me to lift my self-inflicted ban on the BBC Good Food site.  I had such a hankering for fish today, and I spotted the below recipe.  Man, I’m glad I did.  This was a lovely and easy supper, hugely flavoursome while being light at the same time – a perfect meal after which to head out to a gig.*

I got my Sea Bream at Kish Fish near Smithfield Square, a great city centre fresh fish shop that I am truly delighted to live so close to.  In conversation on twitter today, Catherine @backpedalling told me about the weekly draw they’re currently running at Kish Fish.  Every time you buy something, you can enter your name in a draw.  Every Saturday, a name is picked, and that person gets €50 worth of Kish Fish to take home.  WANT!

I was distracted by the size of the lovely Bream that I picked up, and so, alas, I’ll have to get there again next week to enter myself in the draw.

I used Barney Desmazery Whole Roast Bream With Potatoes & Olives recipe over on BBC Good Food.  It was totally awesome, very easy and completely delicious.

Here are a few notes from my experience with this recipe:

  • I used Kalamata olives, which are technically purple rather than black, but mannnn, they were amazing in this.
  • I used curly parsley and it was perfect.  What is the difference between curly and flat leaf parsley?
  • On the site, it suggests serving with spinach, and although this would be lovely, it was totally a meal in itself, with the added bonus of only having three items to wash-up.  This means a lot to me. Hate cleaning up.  Of any kind.
  • I’ve realsed that I really like a lot of Barney Desmazery’s recipes on BGF – they’re usually for totally unpretentious and simple food, my total favourite. Have a look through them for yourself!

Uncooked fish on partially cooked potatoes.  That fish does not look happy.

I feel like I’m cheating at food blogging linking to other sites but, for realz, I’m not at the stage to be making up recipes, and if I shared some of my own creations, this would not bode well for your tums, seriously.


I mentioned we went out to a gig after dinner tonight.  Twas to Yeasayer in The Academy and it were brill! Follow the link to their track O.N.E. on Hype Machine.

O.N.E. – Yeasayer

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  1. I’m so happy for you! I grew up eating whole baked fish. Bream is one of my favourites. My father cooks it in lemon, butter, oil, white wine and capers — NOM.

    It looks amazing.

    Tom just turned me on to Yeasayer. We exchanged compilations. They are fookin’ brill.

    • Yeasayer are brill – and they were great live last night too.

      This Roast Bream is perfect for two, and it’s sort of low budget. The bream cost me just under €7, but this is Dublin and obviously because we’re so far away from the sea fresh fish here is really expensive…er…what? Anyway, including all the other ingredients, it probably cost around €12, mainly because of the 500ml of wine. You guys should totally try this at home, twas lovely!

  2. I find it very difficult to get Anna to agree on fish. If I say, “Should we have fish tonight?” she rolls her eyes, slouches in disapproval and stamps her feet, saying, “I…don’t…want…fish!” If I cook it without consulting her, she usually loves it though.

    • Heheh you should cook this one behind her back then, she’ll totally love it. Delicious flavours! And sooooo easy.

  3. I make this! I make it all the time! I am making it now! AAAGH. I googled the recipe and your blog came up. Nyawwwwww…

    Love this blog Aoife!