Tupelo Honey, London

Tupelo Honey at 27 Parkway, Camden Town, London

Hello, again! Catching up on some blogging now that I am temporarily unemployed.  Expect a lot more frugality around these here parts, food-wise.  No bad thing really, as all the cheese, cream, risottos and pies are turning me into a fat bottomed girl, yessiree.

So remember I was in London a few weeks back for The Marmarati Induction?  I had the pleasure of meeting up with my good friends BenAnna, and we enjoyed the most beautific lunch in Tupelo Honey in Camden Town.  Check it out when you’re in town – the most friendly staff, lovely interior, stunning food and delish coffee.  All at a decent price too.  And take my word for it – get the Fig Pie.  Holy Mother of Brendan Behan, it was amaaaaaaazing.  I want to go to there.

My Lamb Bobotie with lovely fresh chips and salad…nommmmm…..

Anna’s Mousakka. Yummmm…..

Ben’s salad and (as far as I remember) his delicious Morrocan Chicken Curry.

Time for coffee with that Fig Tart…

I think we need another look at that Tart…*slobbers*

Have a look over here for a map to Tupelo Honey.  A lovely little find in Camden.

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  1. I can’t stop thinking about that fig tart… I think I might actually be in love with it. I want to buy it flowers and sing to it and kiss its creamy face before stuffing it joyously into my pie-hole.


    *ahem* sorry, that was the tart monster in me.

  3. Oh my God, I love Tupelo Honey!